Ceramic Piston with Metal Plunger

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
zirconia ceramic +
Forming Way
isostatic pressing
5 pieces
custom make
6.02g/ cm3
Surface finish
ceramic plunger
Main Property
wear resistant
Machining Way
centerlss grinding
Ceramic To Metal Connecting Way
heat shrinkage
Compressive Strength
2200 Mpa

Zirconia Ceramic Piston with Metal Plunger 

This ceramic piston with metal plunger made of zirconia ceramic + SST316L . It  is used on laboratory equipment is  at room temperature. The range inside could be 15-50 °C. The pressure at normal usage is atmospheric pressure + 2 / - 0.7 bar but could be +10 bar for short time in failure.

Customer use mainly saline solution and mildly alkali reagents but for cleaning we use sodium hypochlorite 5%. The reagents and cleaners are in contact with only the ceramic part of the piston. The piston is sealed by a standard plastic sealing with prestressed O-ring. Moving speed is max 2 cm/sec.




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