Electronic Circuit Carrier Ceramic

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3X Supply Ceramic Substrate in various material could meet customer different requirements , Ceramic Substrates  worked as electronic Circuit Carrier for its extremely high strenth , high thermal conductivity and fine surface quality .  It is suitable for thick film paste , and thin film technology which largely expand its usage in the electronic circut industry .

95% alumina ceramic substrate

96% alumina ceramic substrate

99% alumina ceramic substrate

Zirconia ceramic substrate

Aluminum Nitride substrate

3X Ceramic uses tape casting process to produce substrates. According to different metallization requests we also developed many subdivisions:

Fired Ceramic Substrate

Lapped Ceramic Substrate

Polished Ceramic Substrate

Laser Scribed(cut) Ceramic Substrate

AlN have already helped to achieve very low thermal resistance in many different applications, such as LED, power modules, RF components, laser package …… We feel very happy to always approach new technologies and devote some efforts in it.

AIN Substrate Advantage :

○ Standard thermal conductivity: ≥170W/m·k

○ Ultra thermal conductivity: 200W/m·k

○ Varieties of matallizations: DPC, DBC, TPC, AMB, Thick Film, Thin Film 

○ Total in house production

○Ultra thin: 0.15mm

○ Reliable quality control

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