Aluminum Nitride Ceramic AIN Pin Rod

Aluminum nitride pin rod has excellent thermal conductivity (5-10 times that of alumina ceramics), low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, reliable insulation performance, excellent mechanical properties, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and is similar to the thermal expansion coefficient of silicon. It is widely used in communication devices, high brightness LEDs, power electronic devices and other industries.

Laser Scribing Drilling Aluminum Nitride Substrate

Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate has very good thermal conductivity. It is one of the materials with good thermal conductivity in the field of thermal conductivity at present. It is used in hybrid integrated circuit interconnection substrates, microwave devices, optoelectronic communications, sensors, MCM, optoelectronic device substrates, ceramic carriers, laser carriers, chip capacitors, interdigital capacitors and spiral inductors. It can customize any specification and shape according to customer drawings, and can be cut, punched, scribed and laser processed.

Ceramic Fork Aluminum Nitride Vacuum Plate for LED wafer

Aluminum nitride ceramic fork have excellent physical properties such as high thermal conductivity, low dielectric constant, reliable electrical insulation, thermal expansion coefficient matched with silicon, insulation and non toxicity. They can be widely used in optical communication devices, automotive control circuits, electronic power devices, high-frequency microwave and electronic information.

Aluminum Nitride Insert Heat Plate

This Aluminum Nitride heat insert worked as a vacuum plate for LED wafer, To absorb heat as fast as possible and consistency maintain 273°C and above, this Aluminium Nitride ceramic material must not melt or shape change at this heating point. The H shape window  is not through and also for the depth of 0.75mm for vacuum ventilation passage.  Ra surface requirement or as smooth as possible to prevent leakage between the plate/insert and the unit. This plate is used as vacuum suction cup and should not melt at >300°C or equivalent.

Heat Sink AIN Aluminum Nitride Disc

The main properties of Aluminum Nitride material is high heat conductivity ≥170 W/m.k, which make it a  ideal choice of heat dissipation material .  Because of its good performance on  heat conductivity and electrical insulation , Aluminum Nitride heat sink discs are  widely used in the fields of heat dissipation basal plate ,  LED packaging Basal plate ,  semiconductor basal plate , thin film basal plate , power resistance basal plate and high power supply module .

Thickness 0.15mm 0.25mm 0.5mm AIN Aluminum Nitride Substrate

3X Ceramic Parts company use tape casting to produce high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride substrates .  

* High Thermal Conductivity ≥170 W/ m.k 

* Meet Variesties of metallization applications :  DPC , DBC , TPC , AMB , thick film printing . 

*  Quality control from source .

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Plate 114x114x2mm

The end user use the aluminium Nitride Ceramic Plate two pieces  of those to sandwich the graphite element in between.During the energising the EV2 resistor the current is passing through the graphite element (to offer the resistance) the aluminum nitride  ceramic plate offer excellent thermal conductivity and protection of their graphite element from corrosion.

AIN Aluminum Nitride Wafer

With the development of electronic components towards volume reduction, performance improvement and environmental protection and energy saving, highly dense and high power, high frequency High-energy electronic components in high-heat environments ha

Aluminum Nitride Crucible

Aluminum Nitride Crucible with excellent thermal , mechanical and electrical properties, such as High thermal conductivity, low dielectric constant, linear expansion coefficient matched with silicon, excellent electrical insulation, low density, non-

Aluminum Nitride Tube

Aluminum Nitride Tube Properties
High thermal conductivity,(170-230W/mK), up to 9.5 times than that of Alumina
Similar coefficient of thermal expansion to that of silicon(Si)
Higher electric insulation, and Smaller dielectric constant
Higher m

Aluminum Nitride Substrate

Aluminum Nitride Substrate Description:
AlN substrate is produced by tape casting using AlN powder as raw material and high temperature sintering. It has all the unique properties of AlN material and meets the requirements for electronic packaging b

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