Aluminum Nitride Insert Heat Plate

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Aluminum Nitride
Forming Way
slip casting
2 piece
custom make
3.33 g/cm3
Surface finish
Ra 0.3 ~ Ra 0.7
heat conduct insert plate
Machining Way
CNC machining
Thermal Conductivity
>170 W/(m・k)
Flexural Strength
>400 Mpa
safety packing

22x22x1.5mm Aluminum Nitride Insert Heat Plate 

This Aluminum Nitride heat insert worked as a vacuum plate for LED wafer, To absorb heat as fast as possible and consistency maintain 273°C and above, this Aluminium Nitride ceramic material must not melt or shape change at this heating point. The H shape window  is not through and also for the depth of 0.75mm for vacuum ventilation passage.  Ra surface requirement or as smooth as possible to prevent leakage between the plate/insert and the unit. This plate is used as vacuum suction cup and should not melt at >300°C or equivalent.

It requires advanced ceramic material to transmit heat well and fast with the starting point of 75 C and maintained .  The Aluminum nitride material is good material with high heat conductivity reach to 170 W/(m.k ) .  It conduct heat very well . 


Aluminum Nitride Insert Heat Plate

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