Aluminum Nitride Substrate

Brand Name
3X ceramic parts
Material Type
aluminum nitride
5 pieces
square , round , or custom
grey/ light grey / beige
Surface finish
Main Property
High Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Conductivity
165~185 W/m.k

Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Substrate Description:

AlN substrate is produced by tape casting using AlN powder as raw material and high temperature sintering. It has all the unique properties of AlN material and meets the requirements for electronic packaging baseplate, which  makes it the key material in high density, high power and MCM semiconductor devices, HBLED and packaging.

Key properties of Aluminum Nitride Ceramic: 

High thermal conductivity, which is 5 to 10 times of Alumina

Thermal expansion coefficient matches with that of silicon

Good mechanical property, which is close to Al2O3 and better than BeO

Distinct electrical properties, with very high electrical resistivity and low dielectric loss

Compatible with circuit materials, multilayer wiring could be used to achieve high density and miniaturization of packaging Non-toxic, environment friendly

Properties Sheet of Aluminum Nitride Substate :

 Property  Unit  Typical Values
Color - Grey or greyish white
Density g/cm3 ≥3.3
(25℃) Thermal Conductivity (25℃) W/(m.K) ≥170
(25-350℃) Coefficient of thermal expansion (25-350℃)  /℃   4.5x10-6
Volume resistivity Ω.cm >1014
 (1MHz) Dielectric Constant (1MHz) - <9.3
Break Strength KV/mm ≥25.00
Flexural Strength MPa >350
Warpage length‰ ≤2‰

Square / Round Aluminum Nitride Substrate General Dimension :

Thickness (mm) Dimensions( mm)
0.385   2″×2″ 50.8mm× 50.8mm   3″× 3″ 76.2mm× 76.2mm   4″× 4″ 101.6mm× 101.6mm   4.5″×4.5″ 114.3mm× 114.3mm   6″× 6″ 152.4 mm× 152.4 mm   7.5″× 7.5″ 190.5 mm× 190.5 mm
   Diameter (mm)
1.0     Φ16 Φ19     Φ20 Φ26     Φ30 Φ35     Φ40 Φ45     Φ50 Φ52     Φ60     Φ75     Φ80

Note:special order can be customized per your requirements.

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