White Zirconia Ceramic Welding Pin

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Zirconia Ceramic
Forming Way
Isostatic pressing
1 piece
φ18.45* 25mm
white color
Surface finish
welding ceramic pin
Main Property
high strength
Delivery Time
7 days around
safety packing

White Color High Strength Zirconia Ceramic Pin  for Welding 

The locating pin of zirconia material shows the advantages of high performance when in direct contact with the welding material:

- good wear resistance, and its wear is more than 3 times that of steel under the same service environment;

- good rigidity and shape retention, and will not deform even if there is a large impact force during use;

- no slag. Due to the unique non wetting property of the nano ceramic with the metal, the spattered welding slag will not stick to the pin during the welding process, and there is no need to do any cleaning and other treatment;

- non conductive, electrically insulated, with a voltage of millions of volts without breakdown;

- high temperature resistance. It still shows good stability when its service temperature reaches more than 1200 ° C. more importantly, the material has very good thermal shock resistance, that is, when the temperature rises to more than 78 Baidu in a short time during welding or cools naturally in the air after welding, the material will not break.

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