Ceramic Piston Pump

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
zirconia ceramic
1 unit
Surface finish
liquid precision filling
Main Property
high precision
Delivery Time
15 days around
Shipping Way
by express

High Precision Ceramic Piston Pump  with Long Working Life 

Model: B11, B14, B16, B19, B25, B30, B36;

Material: alumina or zirconia

Purpose: high precision spraying and pouring of electrolyte of lithium battery; Pharmaceutical industry, injection filling; Laboratory precise formula; Daily use, perfume, essence, liquid vitamin supplement; Other special applications requiring high-precision micro spraying or liquid injection;

Features: corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and high pressure resistance; The surface of the pump body is mirror, with small friction and high hardness; Environmentally friendly ceramic materials, no powder precipitation, avoid medium pollution; There is no bubble in the process of liquid injection, the precision is high, and the liquid injection precision is controlled within ± 0.5%.

Special properties of ceramics superior to metal materials :

High hardness determines excellent wear resistance

High flame point determines excellent thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance

High chemical stability determines good corrosion resistance

Good self lubrication determines good mechanical seal effect and utilization rate.

Comparison of pump parameters:

  Stainless Steel Pump   Glass Pump     Ceramic Piston Pump 
Hardness:  5-7   8-10 >13
Porosity : 1.5   5  0
Max Working temperature : 300  250   1000
Acid Resistance Properties: No    Yes   Yes
Alklain Resistance Properties: Yes No   Yes
Surface Roughness : >1.0 >2.5 <0.1UM
Working life: 300   50  Up to 1000(ten thousand times)
Particle release: More  Most  Very few 

Ceramic Pistion Pump Main Advantages : 

* Reasonable clearance between piston and cyliner will not leak liquid. 

* The pump will not get stuck during working , rotary injection . 

* Stable long working life 

Ceramic Piston Pump

The pressure within this tube is less than 0.8 bar , Reservoir pressure between 0 and 1 bar

When the piston is primed the computer will tell the stepper/ servo motor to inject the 1cc of chemical additive into the main tube.

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