Zirconia Ceramic Piston Plunger for Dispensing Pump

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
zirconia ceramic + SST
Forming Way
isostatic pressing
5 pcs
custom make
dispensing system
Machining Way
gringding and CNC machining
Delivery Time
25 days around
Shipping Way
by express
safety packing

Zirconia Ceramic Piston Plunger for  Dispensing Pump in  Li-battery Automotive Industry 

Zirconia Ceramic Piston Plunger  provide  precise sampling and reagent dispensing. With high aspirating and drainage accuracy, this series pump is a high performance, lost cost and maintenance free precision piston pump and its life time can be more than 5 million cycles without affecting the precision and accuracy. Piston pump has already been widely used in medical and laboratory analytical instruments.

Characteristics Of  Ceramic Piston Pump

Nominal dispense volume:100ul~5ml, multiple models for option.
Within the life cycle of pump, they have a high stability liquid quantitative precision. When testing medium is deionized water, the CV value as the following table: Percentage of liquid aspiration among total capacity CV (Coefficient of variation)
A full remove for cylinder:12.7mm
Advanced technology to process zirconia ceramics cylinder, strict inspection program, unique sealing solution, all these guarantee pump's life time above 5 million cycles without maintenance.
Wetted material has a high chemical resistance.
1. Multiple materials for option, ensure chemical compatibility.
2. It has different sealing structure to suit different working conditions.
Optical detection is at the end position. Photoelectric sensor can ensure whether pump is at the primary position.
Max Dispense Volume(Ul) 100 250 500 1000 2500 5000
Piston Diameter(Mm) 3.17 5.01 7.08 10.01 15.84 22.39
Volume per Stroke
0.05 0.125 0.25 0.5 1.25 2.5
Travel Distance (mm) 12.7
Lead (mm) 1.27
Distance per Stroke
Anticipated Life (Cycles)1 5 million
Coefficient Of Variation
Dispense Precision3 2%
Operating Pressure(MPa) 0.3
Connection Port 1/4-28 UNF, M6
Mediums4 water, weak acid and bases etc.
1: Please contact us if the medium is air.
2: The CV is tested under 2% range.
3: Standard precision is tested under 2% range.
4: It should be verified if using other mediums.

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