High Temperature Ceramic

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Alumina Ceramic with the main characteristic of very high temperature resistance , it is used for high temperature application in many fields .

Alumina Ceramic Tube are widely used in the Furnace for high temperature application , it is requested to withstand high temperature reach to 1800℃。

Ceramic Tube for Electrical support

Ceramic tube for Oxygen sensor

Ceramic Tube for Ignition Electrode

Ceramic Tube for Heaters

Ceramic tube for heating coil

Ceramic tube for electric heaters

Some other fields of high temperature ceramic application

Ceramic Furnace construction (heat conductor supports, pipes, burner nozzles)

Hot air generators (multi-hole pipes, honeycombs)

Heating element production (helical coil cartridges, cast-iron radiators)

Foundry technology such as cast steel (immersion-type sensors, moulded parts for foundries, casting filters)

Ceramic Welding technology (Welding ceramics in the form of welding tubes, welding bars, welding chips) and many others

All fields of application for Pyrolit that exceed 1,300 °C

Ceramic Sensor caps

Ceramic High voltage insulators

Ceramic Thermocouple tubes, thermocouple protection tubes (also closed on one side)

Weld bead supports

Ceramic Crucibles and laboratory crucibles

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