Alumina Ceramic Tube Inner Diameter 4mm 3mm 2mm

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
99, 99.5, 99.7 alumina ceramic
Forming Way
5 pcs
Main Property
high temperature resistant
Max working temperature
Delivery Time
7 days around if stock available
Shipping Way
by express
Safety packing

2mm 3mm 4mm Small  Inner Diameter 99 Alumina Tube OD 6.35 x ID 4mm x 167mm 

Small Diameter Alumina Ceramic Tube/Alumina Pipe

Alumina ceramic tube application range is very wide,ceramic tubes are widely used in various industrial furnace for supporting,threading and insulation etc perpose .Are widely used in thread tubes,forming tube,and oxygen (nitrogen) tube etc.

Our alumina ceramic tubes are exported to more than 30 countries. The quality of our products is deeply liked by customers. Crucible products are also purchased by many university laboratories and mining laboratories. Parts products are also ordered by many large machine companies.

All products through the German DIN standards: DIN43724 / DIN43725 / DIN40680

Small Diameter Alumina Ceramic Tube / Alumina Pipe

We only make high purity alumina ceramics

  1.  High-purity alumina content 99.3% -99.5%, other alumina ceramics 92% -99%.
  2. The color of high purity alumina product is milky white, and other products are pink or white. The higher the purity, the more transparent the color.
  3. Alumina is a refractory material, the higher the purity, the better the refractory effect
  4. After high-purity alumina ceramics are fired and cooled in a 1800-degree high-temperature kiln, the products are not easy to break when they encounter high temperatures. Other ceramics are fired at 1500 ºC ~ 1800 ºC.
  5. The volume density of high-purity alumina> 3.92 g / cm3 has a smooth surface and is not easily corroded by chemicals. The bulk density of other ceramics is> 3.70 g / cm3 ~> 3.85 g / cm3.
  6. High purity alumina has good hardness and good wear resistance.
  7. High purity alumina products have a longer service life.

Small Diameter Alumina Ceramic Tube / Alumina Pipe

Composition table

Al2O3 99.3-99.5(99.7)
SiO2 0.3-0.5
CaO+MgO 0.2-0.3
K2O+Na2O 0.2-0.35
Fe2O3 <0.1
OTHER <0.05

Alumina ceramic performance index

NO. Property Unit Alumina
1 Al2O3 % >99.3
2 SiO2 % -
3 Density g/cm3 3.88
4 Water absorption % 0.01
5 Cold compressive strength MPa 350
6 20ºC leakage rates Torr/L.sec <10-11
7 Twisting in high temperature mm 0.2 allowed in 1600ºC
8 Bonding in high temperature   not bonded in 1600ºC
9 20-1000ºC coefficient ofthermalexpansion mm.10-6/ºC.m 8.2
10 Thermal conductivity W/m.k 25
11 Electric insulation strength KV/mm 20
12 20ºCdirect current insulation resistance Ohm/cm 1014
13 High-temperature insulation resistance 1000ºC MΩ ≥0.08
1300ºC MΩ ≥0.02
14 Thermal shock resistance   4 times not cracked in 1550ºC
15 Maximum working temperature ºC 1800

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