Forming Capabilities

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3X Ceramic Parts Company provide below Ceramic forming Way :

  1. Isostatic pressing forming
  2. Dry press forming
  3. Tape casting forming
  4. Injection molding forming

Advantage of Isostatic pressing forming parts :

  1. With the highest density
  2. Parts with superior mechanical strength and other mechanical attributes
  3. More suitable for regular parts like ceramic plate , ceramic  rod , ceramic cylinder , large regular ceramic parts , etc .

Forming Capabilities

Advantage of Injection moulding forming :

  1. More suitable for mass production for irregular parts
  2. Can bring down the cost of production
  3.  With limits of part size

Forming Capabilities

Advantage of Tape casting forming:

  1. Suitable for thin ceramic substrates
  2. Greatly reduced cost of producing  thin ceramic substrates
  3. Good forming way for mass production, high efficiency, large production capability

Forming Capabilities

Advantage of dry pressing :

  1. High production efficiency ,  less labor work .
  2. Low wastage rate ,  short lead time .
  3. Products with high density , high strength ,  suitable for mass production .

Forming Capabilities

We will select the most suitable forming way according to different parts base on saving cost and good quality.  

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