Welding Ceramic

Date: | Read: 2707

3X Ceramic Parts Company Produce Ceramic Guide Pin / Ceramic Welding Pin which are widely used in the car manufacturing welding technology .  Ceramic Guide Pin perform well in this industry as ceramic with the characteristic of high hardness , high precision , high temperature resistance , wear resistance , good impact strength , abrasion resistance , anti-adhesion in the aspect of welding technology .  Ceramic guide pin provide a long service life , with high tolerance of 0.01mm which could be perfect fit the welding nut .

3X Ceramic Parts Company provide below  High Performance Ceramic components in welding :

  1. Ceramic Guide pin / Ceramic Centering Pin
  2. Ceramic Dowel Pin
  3. Ceramic Guide Sleeve
  4. Ceramic Gas Nozzle
  5. Ceramic Insulation Plate
  6. Ceramic

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