Alumina Ceramic Rod

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Alumina Ceramic , zirconia ceramic or other types
1 pcs for large size
Rod in Round , Square
Surface finish
Polished or not
Main Property
High Temperature Resistance , thermal insulating

Alumina Ceramic Rod / Pin Description

Due to various excellent performance of the alumina ceramics under wide range of industrial or working conditions, alumina ceramic rod / pin  mainly used in the area of thermal processes, protecting tubes, insulating tubes, furnace tubes, radiant tubes, support tubes for electric heaters, beams,profiles, incineration aids and special fabrications

Looking for a durable and versatile solution for your industrial or engineering needs? Our high-quality alumina ceramic rods are specifically designed to provide exceptional performance in demanding environments. With their superior hardness, thermal stability, electrical insulation

  1. alumina ceramic rods are engineered to withstand the toughest conditions. With a hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs scale, our rods offer exceptional wear resistance, ensuring long-term durability and reduced maintenance costs. Whether you need wear liners, guides, bushings, or bearings will deliver reliable performance, even in high-wear applications.

  2. alumina ceramic rods can handle the heat. With a maximum temperature resistance of up to 1600°C (2912°F), our rods maintain their shape and structural integrity under extreme thermal conditions. Whether used as furnace supports or in thermal insulation applications, our alumina ceramic rods provide reliable performance without compromising on quality.

  3. offer excellent electrical insulation properties. They effectively prevent electrical current flow, making them ideal for use as insulating rods, spacers, and bushings in high-voltage applications. With our alumina ceramic rods, you can ensure reliable and safe operation of your electrical components.

  4. designed to withstand corrosive environments, making them suitable for use in chemical processing, semiconductor manufacturing, and other industries where exposure to corrosive substances is a concern. Count on our alumina ceramic rods to provide long-lasting performance and protection against chemical degradation.

  5. In the medical field, biocompatibility is crucial for implantable devices. Our alumina ceramic rods are biocompatible, ensuring compatibility with the human body and reducing the risk of adverse reactions. Whether used in orthopedic implants, dental implants, or other medical devices, our alumina ceramic rods offer reliability, durability, and peace of mind.

Different Diameter, Length of Alumina Ceramic Rod  , Ceramic Pin we supply :

Various Diameter from 0.2mm , 0.5mm , 1mm,  2mm , 3mm , 4mm , 5mm, 6mm , 7mm , 8mm , 9mm , 10mm , 11mm , 12mm , 13mm , 14mm , 15mm , 16mm .... ceramic rod , ceramic pin , ceramic shaft we custom make according to customer requests ,any diameter you need , please contact us .

Alumina Ceramic Rod Technical Data

Alumina  Ceramic Round Rod Alumina Ceramic Rod
Diameter(mm) Type & Length Diameter  ( mm ) Type & Length Diameter ( mm ) Type & Length
0.4 99AL/995AL≦1000mm 3 95AL/99AL/995AL≦2500mm 12 95AL/99AL/995AL≦2500mm
0.5 4 15
0.6 5 18
0.7 6 20
0.8 7 25
0.9 8 30
1 9    
2 95AL/99AL/995AL≦2500mm 10    
Alumina Rectanguled Bar Alumina Ceramic Rod
Length * Width (mm) Type & Length Length * Width (mm) Type & Length Length * Width( mm ) Type & Length 
1.8*1 95AL/99AL/995AL≦2500mm 8.5*8.5 95AL/99AL/995AL≦2500mm 10*5 95AL/99AL/995AL≦2500mm
2.4*2.4 9*8.2 12*4.5
2.5*2.5 9.5*2.8 12*8
4*4 9.6*5.5 15*15
5*5 10*2 24*8
6.35*6.35 10*4  
7.5*5 10*4.5  

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