Ceramic End Effector

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Alumina Ceramic Normally
1 Piece
Semiconductor Processing
Main Property
With Vacuum Slot
Machining Way
Flapping Machining
Max working temperature

Ceramic End Effector used in the Semicondutor Industry : 

The use of ceramics in the semiconductor industry is increasing due to the desirable combinations of electrical, mechanical and physical properties often found in ceramics. As integrated circuit manufacturers strive to make their chips faster, smaller and less expensive, semiconductor fabrication equipment companies become more dependent on advanced ceramic components to achieve the desired performance.

The manufacture of ceramics for the semiconductor industry is typical of standard structural ceramics manufacturing, using traditional forming and densification methods. The biggest difference is the high purity requirement of the ceramic, and occasionally the very tight control over electrical properties.

Charactoristic of The Ceramic Arm / Ceramic End Effector : 

high temperature resistance,

corrosion resistance,

wear resistance,

 insulation and other properties.

It can be used in high temperature, vacuum and corrosive gas environment for a long time, and is widely used in various semiconductor production equipment. The ceramic arm produced by our company is made of high-purity alumina ceramic raw material, which is formed by cold isostatic pressing, high-temperature sintering and precision machining.

The dimensional accuracy can reach ±0.001mm, the finish can reach Ra0.1, and the use temperature can reach up to 1600. degree. Our company uses a unique ceramic bonding technology, and the bonded hollow ceramic arm can be used up to 800 degrees.

Ceramic End Effector

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