Alumina Ceramic Tube

Alumina Ceramic Tube with different types of purity :
95% Alumina Ceramic Tube
99% Alumina Ceramic Tube
99.7% Alumina Ceramic Tube
Alumina Ceramic Tube Stock Dimension We have :
Inner diameter * Outer diameter
3*6 / 5*8 / 6*10 / 8*12 / 10*1

Alumina Ceramic Ring

Alumina Ceramic Ring Properties:
The sintering temperature of alumina ceramic ring can be as high as 1650-1990 ℃. It can be made into molten glass instead of platinum crucible, and can be used to make lamp tubes by light transmittance and alkali

Alumina Ceramic Rod

Ceramic Rod , Ceramic Pin , Ceramic Shaft Description: Due to various excellent performance of the alumina ceramics under wide range of industrial or working conditions, solid ceramic rod / bar / shaft 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mmare mainly used in the area

Alumina Ceramic Plate

Properties of Alumina ceramic Plate
The alumina ceramic plate is made of Al2O3 as the main raw material and rare metal as the flux through 1700 ° high temperature sintering. Through mold making, aluminum oxide powder batching, grinding, milling, pr

Alumina Ceramic Pin with Spherical Tips

The main characteristics of the alumina ceramic pin : 
1. High hardness, it is can be up to 1700 HV, and Super compressive strength up to 2240 Mpa
2. They offer different grade dimensional accuracy per sintered only, precision machining 
3. They are more cost-effective ceramic parts with equivalent performance among all other technical ceramics
4. High heat resistance: Alumina ceramic parts offer excellent thermal stability, which means that it is widely used in areas where resistance to high temperatures is essential.

Alumina Ceramic Substrate

Alumina Ceramic Substrate Description:
Alumina Ceramic Substrate is a new type of precision thermal conductive ceramic chip, industrial thermal conductive ceramic chip and functional thermal conductive ceramic chip product. Due to the high cost of

Alumina Ceramic Insulator

Alumina or aluminum oxide (Al2O3) in its various levels of purity is used more often than any other advanced ceramic material.  3X Ceramic offers a wide range of material types with different property profiles that can be adjusted via a targeted matrix design.

CNC Machining Ceramic Support Beam

The overall length of this ceramic support beam reach to 846mm , the step , hole , thread , slot are machined on the CNC machine .  It is used as a support beam on a solid polishing machine,  its material is 99% alumina ceramic , because the part need to be high temperature resistant and wearable .  Just alright 99% alumina ceramic could meet such requirements .  

Diameter 2mm 3mm 99 Alumina Ceramic Pin

The alumina ceramic pin diameter is 2.84mm , tolerance ±0.01mm,  Length 26 ±0.2 mm , one end chamfered . Surface is well polished to Ra 0.8 um .  Its forming way is isostatic pressing . It used in welding industry .

15x11x600mm 9x6x400mm Ceramic Tube Alumina

We wholesale a large number of C610 , C799  15x11x600mm 9x6x400mm  Ceramic Shealth one end closed ,  Ceramic  thermocouple protection tubes .

Normally used Specification as below , length can be cutted according to customer requirements.

C799 C610 Ceramic Shealth Tube for Thermocouple

Ceramic Thermocouple protection tube is mainly used to protect sensitive temperature measuring elements.  The main alumina ceramic purity  include 95% alumina ceramic , 99% alumina ceramic , 99.7% alumina Ceramic , because alumina ceramic material with  high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and air tightness, good thermal conductivity, stable physical and chemical properties, high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, good affinity and other advantages .

99 Al2O3 99.7 Alumina Ceramic Holed Plate

Alumina Ceramic Holed plate forming way is isostatic pressing which with higher density , zero porosity .  The holes are machined by cnc machining .  We could reach high tolerance for machining such type of alumina ceramic plate , as fine as 0.005mm. It is used for high temperature resistant application ,  also it is wear resistant ,  electrical insulating , and high strength .

High Temperature Ceramic Tube Diameter 1mm

High Temperature Ceramic Tube Diameter 1mm
Small size 99% Alumina Ceramic Tube with outside diameter 1mm , inside diameter can be 0.3mm , 0.5mm with different length, it is high temperature resistant which could resistant to 1750 ℃.
Properties of

Semiconductor Alumina Ceramic Parts

Semiconductor Alumina Ceramic Parts used as semiconductor spare parts

Features: 1. arc accuracy is better than ±0.02mm;  2. the precision of all holes is up to ±0.01mm; 

Inspection equipment: automatic two - dimensional Checker

Alumina Ceramic Parts Precision Machining

3X Ceramic Parts company specialized in alumina ceramic parts precision machining .  Alumina Ceramic material  is a white or beige ceramic, using its excellent electrical insulation. It has been applied to various electronic components in the early stage, and is the lowest cost material in precision ceramics. Our company supply 95%, 99%, 99.5%, 99.8%, 99.9% alumina ceramic precision machining service .

250x250x5mm 250x250x3mm Alumina Ceramic Plate

250x250x3mm  alumina ceramic plate with a purity of 99.7% Aluminum Oxide , it is custom made according to tolerance ISO 2768 mk, sharp edges to be smoothed , used for vacuum material as its high temperature resistance , electrical insulation , chemical resistance , wearable with long working life .  The net weight of each alumina plate is around 720 gram .

99 Alumina Ceramic Fix Support

The alumina ceramic fixture is used for locating or fixing  products when manufacturing .  Its composition is 99% alumina ceramic , we could also custom make according to customer requirements .  Because of the alumina ceramic material is wearable ,  high temperature resistant , chemical resistant ,  it is a good choice of fixture .  Its properties is stable during various harsh ennironment .

100x100x0.5mm 99 Alumina Ceramic Substrate

100x100x0.5mm 99 Alumina Ceramic Substrate are widely used for various power supply systems .  The main imperfection criteria of 99 alumina ceramic substrate are as follows : 

1. Material broken off along an edge or corner,  that means with chips . 

2. Substrate with Cracks,  line of fracture without complete separation . 

3.  With long , narrow protrusion on the surface ,  that is fines and ridges . 

4. Releatively long , narrow , shallow groove or cut in the surface ,  it is scratches and score marks .

Custom Machined Alumina Ceramic Parts Grooved

Alumina purity composition : 99.7% alumina ceramic 

Application :  Used as ceramic collector 

The blank forming way is isostatic pressing,  grooves are CNC machined 

Main properties :  Electrical Insulating ,  wear resistant ,  corrosion resistant ,   high temperature resistant

Laser Scribing Alumina Ceramic Substrate

The laser scribing alumina ceramic substrate is mainly used for communication hybrid circuits .  Its purity is 96% alumina ceramic more commonly used .

Alumina Ceramic Tube Sleeve Bushing

Alumina ceramic tube bushing sleeve is a kind of ceramic material with alumina (Al2O3) as the main body, which can be used in aerospace. Military equipment is a kind of ceramics with a wide range of uses. Now let's introduce the advantages of alumina ceramic tube in detail.

99 Alumina Ceramic Core Inductor

The blank material is formed by isostatic pressing which is more density with " 0 " porosity . We machine the structure on CNC machine to get the two " ears " on both sides .  The injection molded part will be easy to bend and crack , so we just made it by pure machining .

99 Alumina Bague Isolant

99 Alumina Ceramic ring with good electric insulating , high temperature resistance .  It is widely used in chemical ,  oil and gas , semiconductor , electronic ,  and mechanical parts .

Alumina Ceramic Tile with Hole

Our 99.7 alumina ceramic tiles are formed by isostatic pressing way , so its density could reach 3.9g/cm2 with 0 porosity .  We machined the two holes on CNC machine .  which could meet the tolerance as customer required ±0.1mm .  And the perpendicularity  are required achieve 0.1mm ,  this is not high requirements .  As per our machining capability , this is very low requests and very easy to achieve .

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