Alumina Ceramic Tile with Hole

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
99.7% alumina ceramic
Forming Way
isostatic pressing
3 pcs
>91 HRA
Thermal Conductivity
25 W/ m*k
Compressive Strength
2400 Mpa
Shipping Way
by express
safety packing

99.7% Alumina Ceramic Tile with Hole 

Our 99.7 alumina ceramic tiles are formed by isostatic pressing way , so its density could reach 3.9g/cm2 with 0 porosity .  We machined the two holes on CNC machine .  which could meet the tolerance as customer required ±0.1mm .  And the perpendicularity  are required achieve 0.1mm ,  this is not high requirements .  As per our machining capability , this is very low requests and very easy to achieve . The alumina ceramic tile could worked as insert block ,  or support block for customer application . 

Properties sheet of 99.7% alumina ceramic material : 

Material Name : Alumina Ceramic    Grade :  A-300
Properties  Units  99.7% Alumina
 Density   g / cm³ 3.9
Hardness  HRA  >91
Fracture Toughness                          MPa *m 1/2 4
Thermal Expansion Coefficient  x10-60C(20 to 400°C 7
Bending Strength  Mpa  400
Compressive Strength Mpa  2400
Modulus of Elasticity                  GPa 330
Thermal Conductivity  W/ m*k  25
Corrosion Resistance  Room Temperature  superior 
Volume Resistivity  Ω* CM ( Room Temperature ) >1014

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