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Technical ceramics are good solution for demanding pump and valve applications where conventional materials fail. Aluminium oxide (also known as alumina Al 2O3 ) is a relatively low cost ceramic material, with high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance against acids and caustic solutions and thermal conductivity; the combination of these attributes make it ideal for many pump and valve components. Ceramic components can be formed into a variety of complex shapes by dry pressing, injection moulding, extruding or isostatic pressing; the forming methodology depends on the component size and shape, as well as the number of parts required. Tight dimensional tolerances and flatness can be achieved by diamond machining the sintered part

Example of 3X alumina pump components include Sliding and bearing rings, produced by dry pressing, where the high hardness results in a significant increasing in component life compared to equivalent steel parts. The parts are ground after sintering and polished if required. • Shafts, axes and plungers, produced by isostatic pressing from brown alumina, used for good tribological properties. This forming technology avoids a press-neutral zone inside the ceramic component. Hard machining (grinding and polishing) provides a uniform surface structure over the length of the component. The high wear resistance of the material keeps the leakage low through long operation time. But here, also white alumina is requested more and more. 3X uses various aluminas with purities from 95 to 99.7 % depending on the customer application and requirements. These materials comply with different drinking water regulations including certification for use up to 85 °C for KTW for Germany and WRAS for United Kingdom. We also support our customers’ application for certification such as ACS for France, NSF for food safety. 3X helps our customers by providing prototypes, made by a special rapid manufacturing procedure. In this way, our customers can test these prototypes before deciding on series production for new products.

Ceramic valve components Ceramic valve components from 3X are used for industrial mixing plates including plumbing fittings and pneumatic valves used in industrial, medical and commercial applications.  3X manufactures ceramic gaskets by dry pressing, similar to the axial bearing seals. These gaskets control and regulate corrosive fluids in fittings and abrasive gas flows in pneumatic valves. The change to technical ceramics for this application increased the reliability and lowered the costs for service and repairs Components used in valve systems must also be able to withstand heavy wear, high temperature and high pressure; ceramics are able to outperform metals and plastics in these applications. Ceramic gaskets by 3X , manufactured for a precise fit, ground and polished, are ideal for valves and plumbing fittings. They guarantee constant flow control and an optimum sealing function

3X Ceramic Parts Company Custom make  Various Ceramic Components for Pump and valves :

Ceramic Punger

Ceramic Shaft

Ceramic Piston

Ceramic Piston Cylinder

Ceramic Valves

Ceramic Seal Ring

Benefits of Ceramic Components for Pumps and Valves:

  1. Capable of withstand of punishing demand
  2. Long operating life
  3. Wear and corrosion Resistant 
  4. High pressure Resistant

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