96% Alumina Ceramic Nozzle Blown Discharge

Advantages of alumina ceramic nozzle blown discharge :
(1) High mechanical strength. The bending strength of alumina ceramic sintered products can reach 250Mpa, and that of hot pressed products can reach 500MPa. The strength can be maintained to 900 ℃ at high temperature
(2) High resistivity, good electrical insulation performance, room temperature resistivity 1015 Ω· cm, insulation strength 15kv/mm
(3) High hardness, Mohs hardness is 9

Electric Ceramic Insulator Bushing

Electrical insulating ceramics have good thermal conductivity, low conductivity and constant dielectric small number, low dielectric loss, high mechanical strength, good chemical stability, etc,
It is widely used in bath of molten metal, container of molten salt and packaging material integrated circuit substrate, electrolytic cell lining, metal matrix composite reinforcement body, active armor material, heat sink and heating element of high temperature furnace.

Alumina Ceramic Injection Molded Parts

Some small irregular ceramic parts series production is not suitable to use the forming way of isostatic pressing , dry pressing or slip casting forming way , while it is workable and economic to be formed by injection molding .  Ceramic injection molding parts are more cost saving for series production ,  customer could get the parts at a economic price by a suitable forming way .

E- Cigarette ZrO2 Zirconia Ceramic Tips

Ceramic tips used as mouthpiece on E - Cig as it  with the charateristics of heat resistant , eco friendly easy to clean ,  and also with nice shinny surface .  White and black color are more commonly used .   The forming way is injection molding .  One side it is more suitable for such irregular small ceramic piece ,  the other side the cost will be more economic for large quantity .

Ceramic Ball Valve Seat

Besides some advantages of metal valve, ceramic ball valve seat  can also resist corrosion, high temperature,wear and erosion.Ceramic Ball Seat  can be used in different kinds of acids bases and salts gas, liquid,stream and slurry transportation system in the industry of petrifaction, metallurgy, papermaking, power station and oil refining.

Ceramic Smokeware Tobacco Pipe

The Alumina Ceramic Tobacco Pipe is a type of  eco friendly smokeware developed for US market , its purity is 95% alumina ceramic , formed  by hot die casting forming way .  Its surface could be white glazed and printed with different colors and patten,  so it with nice deligent out appearance , and easy to be cleaned .

Ceramic Injection Molding Parts

Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Injection Molding Parts
3X Ceramic Parts company providing a economic forming way that is ceramic injection molding . This forming way is suitable for large volume irregular small ceramic parts . The material can be alum

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