Ceramic Injection Molding Parts

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
alumina ceramic or zirconia ceramic
Forming Way
Injection Molding Ceramic
100 pcs
irregular or simple shape
white , beige , blue
3.6g/cm3 or 6.02 g/ cm3
Surface finish
polished or not
e - cigarette
Machining Way
injection ceramic molding
Shipping Way
by express

Alumina Zirconia  Ceramic Injection Molding Parts 

3X Ceramic Parts company providing a economic forming way that is ceramic injection molding . This forming way is suitable for large volume irregular small ceramic parts .   The material can be alumina ceramic , zirconia ceramic .   Alumina ceramic purity could be 95% al2o3 , 99% al2o3 , 99.5% al2o3, 99.7% , also we have 99.5% alumina ceramic powder material from Japan which with high quality properties . It is very density with 0 % porosity .   Zirconia ceramic material could be in white color or black color . Some parts may also need to be  with smooth and shinny surface ,  we could also get the parts polished .  Ceramic Injection Molding is a very good forming solution .  


The advantages of Ceramic Injection Molding way . 

1. Low cost ,  It is very economic forming way  bringing down  cost of forming therefore the unit price of the finished product . 

2.  Multi shape customization ,  Some small parts with irregular , complex shape they are can not be shaped by isostaic pressing , dry pressing , hot pressing , it can be shaped by injection molding .  It  expands the shape of ceramic forming greatly . 

3. It is suitable for large quantity orders . 


The disadvantages of Ceramic injection Molding : 

1.  Have to open mold to make the sample ,  after tooling been opened , then the samples can be made . 

2.  The product density is not as good as isostatic pressing and dry pressing forming .  

3.  If it is  production with very high precision dimension and tolerance ,   it is not suitbale to choose this way . 

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