Machining Capabilities

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3X Ceramic Parts company are  equipped with advanced high precision Machining equipments , so we are able to provide the below machining process  :

  1. Internal & external grinding

OD tolerance could reach as high as 0.001mm , ID tolerance could reach as fine as 0.002mm

  1. Centerless grinding

Machining rod , tube out side diameter to be as fine as possible

  1. Flap Grinding

Machining Substrate , plate thickness tolerance to 0.001mm

  1. Honing, chamfering

Honing machine machine the ID , of the ceramic plunger to high precision , and make chamfer for parts

  1. CNC machining,  threading , drilling , engraving

CNC machining make the thread , drill hole , engraving to a special shape

  1. Precision Milling and Cutting

Centerless  grinding:

Machining Capabilities

CNC engraving machining :

Machining Capabilities

Flap grinding : 

Machining Capabilities

Honing :

Machining Capabilities

Internal & External grinding

Machining Capabilities

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