Ceramic Centering Pin

Refractory with Long service life, High Polished Surface , Superior Mechanical Strength, Anti-high Corrosion and Wear Resistance, Good Insulation Performance High Temperature  and Pressure Resistance;High Purity Zirconia and Alumina Ceramic Materials ; High hardness, long service life, not easy to break and wear resistance; non-conductive, anti-static, ceramic material itself with the insulation of electricity and magnetism properties, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, can be applied to a specific environment, such as acid alkali resistance

Ceramic Welding Ring

Silicon Nitride Welding ring are used on automative welding for car  manufacturers and suppliers .  The physical and chemical properties as well as extreme stress tolerance extend the possible range to applications in production engineering .  Thie lead to high speed and high circle life.  The silicon nitride welding ring solved the application problems :  hardness , wear resistance , thermal shock resistance , impact strength , high temperature resistance , and long service life .

Ceramic Welding Guide Pin with Stainless Steel Base

In the automobile manufacturing industry, the positioning accuracy of the welding fixture's locating guide pin is critical for the size of the body assembly and welding, and the welding guide pin's looseness and excessive wear are two significant causes of its positioning failure.

Blue Zirconia Positioning Pin

Blue Zirconia Pin Machining accuracy:

(1) Shaft: roundness 0.002 mm, concentricity 0.002 mm, finish Ra0 1 ;

(2) Hole: the minimum machining hole diameter is 0.2 mm and the depth can reach 6 mm (depending on the material);

(3) Groove: the minimum Machinable 0.1mm narrow groove and grooves of various shapes;

(4) Plane: minimum Machinable thickness of 0.1mm sheet, parallelism of 0.001mm, measurement tolerance of 0.001 mm, finish of Ra0 1;

White Zirconia Ceramic Welding Pin

The locating pin of zirconia material shows the advantages of high performance when in direct contact with the welding material:

- good wear resistance, and its wear is more than 3 times that of steel under the same service environment;

- good rigidity and shape retention, and will not deform even if there is a large impact force during use;

- no slag. Due to the unique non wetting property of the nano ceramic with the metal, the spattered welding slag will not stick to the pin during the welding process, and there is no need to do any cleaning and other treatment;

Blue Zirconia Ceramic Welding Pin

8228-ZK-10358 Blue Zirconia Ceramic Welding Pin
Blue Zirconia Ceramic material is a type of common used material for ceramic welding pin as its good mechanical strength , wearable durabily with long service life. Zirconia Ceramic pin surface can b

Silicon Nitride Welding Pin

We are a professional manufacturer for various type of ceramic welding pin .   Its material types are also multi type for your option :   alumina ceramic , silicon nitride pin , zirconia  welding pin .  Many of our customer prefer to choose silicon nitride welding pin or blue zirconia welding pin or white zirconia pin , depending on their working condition .

Silicon Nitride Pin

3X Ceramic Parts produce and design silicon nitride ceramic pin.In order to ensure a short lead time,we stock many quantity standard silicon nitride ceramic pins.M4,M5,M6,M7,M8,M10,M12,M14,7/16 silicon nitride ceramic guide pin are always in stock.We

Ceramic Guide Pin

3X Ceramic Parts Company provide different material of Ceramic Guide Pin:
1. Silicone Nitride Guide Pin
2. Nano Zirconia blue ceramic guide pin , raw material imported from Germany
3. China produced Blue Zirconia Ceramic material

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