Ceramic Welding Guide Pin with Stainless Steel Base

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
blue zirconia ceramic + sst
Forming Way
5 pcs
custom make
blue or white zirconia
Surface finish
welding machinery
Main Property
long working life
Machining Way
Compressive Strength
2000 Mpa
Flexural Strength
950 Mpa
Shipping Way
by express
safety packing

Ceramic Guide Pin with Stainless Steel Base 

Ceramic guide welding pin Description : In the automobile manufacturing industry, the positioning accuracy of the welding fixture's locating guide pin is critical for the size of the body assembly and welding, and the welding guide pin's looseness and excessive wear are two significant causes of its positioning failure. To address these issues, 3X Ceramic Parts studied and developed the Ceramic Pin for Projection Welding. Due to their high hardness, thermal shock strength, electrical insulating, and resistance to mechanical creep at elevated temperatures, ceramic welding pins outperform other materials. Projection welding allows for more accurate alignment of welding plates and nuts than most materials. Due to the electrical insulating properties of advanced technological ceramics, no tedious slag removal work is necessary after welding, and the thread is not affected, which increases manufacturing performance and greatly improves welding quality. Ceramics have a high degree of toughness and a high resistance to wear. The service life of positioning welding pins made of other materials is several times that of positioning welding pins made of other materials, greatly minimizing manufacturing processes, increasing service life, and lowering costs. The main disadvantage of other materials as projection welding pins is that the welded nut needs to be re-drilled after welding. In addition, welding pins of other materials have a short life and need to be replaced frequently, which increases labor costs and reduces production efficiency. The use of ceramic weld pins eliminates the need for slag removal for the nut after welding, which reduces the number of procedures, improves efficiency, and improves welding quality. The cost of ceramic silicon nitride welding pins is 10-30 times that of other materials, but the service life is 15-20 times that of other materials. Although the one-time investment will be large, but in a comprehensive comparison, due to the extended life, the subsequent process is omitted. A very good price/performance ratio can be obtained.

Ceramic Guide Welding Pin Advantages : 
● very long service life
● electrical insulating material
● high operating temperature
● high hardness, resistant to wear
● extremly thermal shock resistance
● smooth surface, fewer weld spatter

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