Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Ceramic Rail / Rod with Hole

Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Ceramic Rail / Rod with Hole

Zirconia Ceramic Spacer Flange Machining

Zirconia ceramic parts spacer are highly sought after by the market and has the intention of replacing metals. Generally speaking, zirconia ceramic materials can only be processed by grinding due to their special physical and mechanical properties.

Zirconia Ceramic Tube Sleeve

Zirconia Ceramic Tube Sleeve has large hardness, low wear rate and long service life, which can greatly reduce the pollution of grinding raw materials and ensure product quality. At the same time, zirconia material has high density and strong impact energy when used as grinding medium,

Black Zirconia Parts ZrO2 Ceramic Nozzle Ball Seat

Advantages, functions and new development trends of ceramic suction nozzles 1. advantages of ceramic suction nozzle: Ceramic suction nozzle has the functions of insulation (non-conductive), magnetic insulation (anti-static function), wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

CNC Machining Zirconia Ceramic Cover

The zirconia ceramic cover with high precision tolerance , the hole , slot , steps are machined on CNC engraving machine  with very high tolerance .   The surface could be polished to smooth , shinny roughness  as fine as Ra 0.02 .   Tolerance could be as tight as 0.005mm for the outline dimension .

Zirconia Ceramic Support Positioning Block

The zirconia ceramic support positioning block is used for locating and support parts when producing battery .   It is wearable last long working life .

Zirconia Ceramic Threaded Rod Shaft

The processing way of zirconia ceamic threaded rod shaft include as below .
1. Zirconia ceramic Rod Drilling .
2. Ceramic rod slotting: slotting can be carried out according to the requirements of customers, including single-sided slotting and double-sided slotting;

Curved Zirconia Ceramic Strip

Zirconia Ceramic curved strip is pure machined on CNC machine . It belongs to a special shaped parts .  Curved Zirconia Ceramic Strip  by the customer to provide drawings, manufacturers according to the drawings using equipment to produce the corresponding non-standard special-shaped parts products, usually the mold is in the majority, non-standard special-shaped parts tolerance requirements, finish are specified by the customer, there is no certain paradigm. Non-standard special-shaped products from casting to finishing completely need corresponding quality control, the process is complex and variable, the general cost is higher than the standard parts.

Zirconia Ceramic Wafer Support Loader

Zirconia Ceramic Wafer Carrier Support is highly precision machinind by flapping machine and CNC machined . It is used on the photovaltaic equipment machine to carry the wafer in semiconductor industry .

Thin Thickness 0.3mm 0.5mm 1mm Zirconia Ceramic Sheet

If the length and width of the zirconia sheet less than 250mm,  and thickness less than 1mm  we could use slip casting forming way for producing those ultra thin zirconia ceramic sheet .  But it also depends on the requirements of the customer on the tolerance , surface finish , strength .  We could also flap a thick zirconia ceramic sheet to the thiner idea thickness , while its cost is much higher than slip casting . The surface could be mirror  polished , roughness could reach as fine as 0.02mm .

Precision Machining Zirconia Ceramic Parts

High precision Zirconia Ceramic parts with slot ,holes , steps , which are all machinind on CNC machine .  We could get very high precision for some outside dimension , tolerance as high as 0.001mm . This is suitable for some structural parts at small quantity ,  low quantity .  It is no need to pay expensive mould charge to get a few parts to test .  If we have the blank material ,  the machining work is very fast , just take 7 days around to finish .

Diameter 6mm Zirconia Ceramic Motor Shaft

Geometric accuracy: the geometric accuracy of zirconia ceramic shaft  mainly refers to the roundness and cylindricity of journal, outer cone, Morse taper hole, etc., and the general tolerance shall be limited to the dimensional tolerance. For the inner and outer circular surfaces with high accuracy requirements, the allowable deviation shall be marked on the drawing.

Zirconia Ceramic Ball Valve Seat

Zirconia ceramic ball valve seat used for fluid control Sucker Rod Pumps , the ball match with it is 12mm silicon nitride material .  Find Complete Details about Ceramic Valve Ball And Valve Seat For Sucker Rod Pumps,Ceramic Valve Ball Valve Seat from Valves Supplier

Diameter 0.5mm 0.77mm Micro Zirconia Ceramic Tips

We developed and produced this model of micro zirconia tips for customer .  It is very small size ,  with diameter of 0.77mm , the sharpen  tips just 0.15mm .  We machined this part to get the tolerance and surface finish .  As it is too tiny, it does have difficulty to machining .  While our engineer and technician still worked it out and got the products meet the drawing requests .

Thin Wall Zirconia Ceramic Nozzle

The zirconia ceramic nozzle  and tube are superior to other materials on chemistry corrosion proof , wear resistance , and themostability and so on , therefore ,  it is widely used in conditions metal or other material not reach the requirements , like on the medical equipment .  We can provide custom made of seires of anti- abrasive ceramic parts for medical machine .

Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Ceramic Ring

The main features of the zirconia ceramic ring
1.High density:  over 6 g/cm3, which makes it the densest body of the ceramic products
2.High hardness: over 9 on Mohs scale, diamond being 10, with a satin-smooth surface finish
3.High toughness: over 1200 MPa, approx. 4 times in comparison with 95% alumina
4. Excellent wear resistance, it's much better than aluminum oxide ceramics with a longer life cycle
5. Low thermal conductivity:  less than 3 W/m.k at ambient temperature, so it's an ideal thermal material
6. Good chemical and corrosion resistance, it's equivalent to above 99% alumina

Machined Zirconia Parts Ceramic Insulator Core

The zirconia ceramic insulator core was machined on CNC engraving for the holes , steps ,  grooves .  We could achieve machining tolerance as tight as ±0.001mm .  If the zirconia plate thickness is less than 2mm,  we could drill the holes on laser cutting machine  for those of multi holes zirconia substrate . 
Machined zirconia parts with the main features as below: 1. High Mechnical strength and fracture toughness at room temperature . 2. It has similar thermal expansion as that of metal .  3. Zirconia ceramic is very wearable resitance material .  4.  It is heat insulation .

10 Pins Zirconia Connector Cover with Holes

The  10 pins zirconia connector cover blank are formed by isostatic pressing ,  it with higher density  6.0g / cm3 .   The holes and steps are manufactured on  CNC  high precision machining  machine .  The machining tolerance we could even achieve as high as 0.001mm .  Zirconia Ceramic machined parts is belong to ceramic structure custom machined parts .

E- Cigarette ZrO2 Zirconia Ceramic Tips

Ceramic tips used as mouthpiece on E - Cig as it  with the charateristics of heat resistant , eco friendly easy to clean ,  and also with nice shinny surface .  White and black color are more commonly used .   The forming way is injection molding .  One side it is more suitable for such irregular small ceramic piece ,  the other side the cost will be more economic for large quantity .

High Strength Zirconia Ceramic Blade

Zirconia Ceramic Blade is widely used in all kinds of textile cutting . 

* Minumum thickness :  0.15mm 

* Will not make fiber melting , keep production continuously . 

* Longger Working time to improve production efficency ,  shorten production auxiliary time .

Polished Zirconia Ceramic Ring Gasket

Zirconia ceramic gasket has the advantages of high toughness, high bending strength, high wear resistance, excellent heat insulation performance and thermal expansion coefficient close to steel. Therefore, it is widely used in the field of structural ceramics. It mainly includes: Y-TZP grinding ball, dispersion and grinding medium, nozzle, ball valve socket, zirconia mold, micro fan axis, optical fiber pin, optical fiber sleeve, wire drawing die and cutting tools, wear-resistant cutting tools, watch case and strap, light hitting stick of golf ball and other wear-resistant parts at room temperature.

Black Zirconia Spacer Block

The main features of black zirconia spacer block : 
1.High density:  over 6 g/cm3, which makes it the densest body of the ceramic products
2.High hardness: over 9 on Mohs scale, diamond being 10, with a satin-smooth surface finish
3.High toughness: over 1200 MPa, approx. 4 times in comparison with 95% alumina
4. Excellent wear resistance, it's much better than aluminum oxide ceramics with a longer life cycle
5. Low thermal conductivity:  less than 3 W/m.k at ambient temperature, so it's an ideal thermal material

Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve Bushing

The precision we can achieve for the high precison zirconia sleeve bushing : 
Dimensional accuracy :  Up to 0.001mm
Finish: can be  mirror polished on the OD . 
Concentricity: Up to 0.003mm
Parallelism: Up to 0.002mm
Bore tolerance : Minimum machinability 0.005mm

Straight groove: Narrowest Machinable groove width 0.1 × 100mm

Zirconia Cearamic Ring Washer Spacer

Precision Machining Zirconia Cearamic Ring Washer Spacer
Zirconia Ceramic Ring Spacer is mainly composed of zirconium dioxide. At room temperature, it is a material with high mechanical strength and strong fracture toughness among all major preci

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