E- Cigarette ZrO2 Zirconia Ceramic Tips

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
zirconia ceramic
Forming Way
injection molding
custom made
custom made
Surface finish
polish or not
E - Cig
Main Property
easy to clean , eco friendly
Delivery Time
25 days around
Shipping Way
by express
safety packing

Injection Molding Formed E- Cigarette ZrO2 Zirconia Ceramic Tips 

Ceramic tips used as mouthpiece on E - Cig as it  with the charateristics of heat resistant , eco friendly easy to clean ,  and also with nice shinny surface .  White and black color are more commonly used .   The forming way is injection molding .  One side it is more suitable for such irregular small ceramic piece ,  the other side the cost will be more economic for large quantity .  

Zirconia Ceramic Tips could also be named as zirconia mouthpiece .  It served on the  e cigarette as mouth piece . 

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