Zirconia Ceramic Blade

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Zirconia Ceramic
Forming Way
isostatic pressing
5 pcs
custom make
Surface finish
textile machine
Main Property
high strength
Delivery Time
15 days around
Shipping Way
by express
safety packing

High Strength Long Working Life  Zirconia Ceramic Blade 

Zirconia ceramic blades is a type of cutting tool that have gained increasing popularity in a variety of industrial applications due to their high strength, toughness, and wear resistance. for their ability to maintain a sharp edge for a longer period of time compared to traditional metal blades, One of the key advantages of zirconia ceramic blades is their ability to withstand high temperatures and aggressive cutting conditions. They are also highly resistant to wear and tear, making ideal for applications where the blade may come into contact with hard or abrasive materials.

Zirconia Ceramic Blade is widely used in all kinds of textile cutting . 

* Minumum thickness :  0.15mm 

* Will not make fiber melting , keep production continuously . 

* Longger Working time to improve production efficency ,  shorten production auxiliary time . 

* Custom made is available . 

Ceramic Shear Blade is widely used in chemical fiber , fiberglass , paper , tape and thin film shearing . 

* Minumum thixkness is 0.15mm 

* Accurate cutting  without disperse 

* Film Slitting , neatly cutting , no burr

* Improve Production effiency with longer working time 

* Custom made is available 

Ceramic blade can meet the develop requirement from medical technology and electronic industries area . 

* High corrosion resistance 

* No Static 

* 10 times working life to normal stainless steel blade . 

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