Zirconia Ceramic Threaded Rod Shaft

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
zirconia ceramic
Forming Way
isostatic pressing
1 piece
custom make
Surface finish
Main Property
wear resistance
Machining Way
centerless grinding , honing
Compressive Strength
2200 Mpa
Delivery Time
15 days around

 Zirconia Ceramic Threaded Rod Shaft 

The processing way of zirconia ceamic threaded rod shaft include as below .

1. Zirconia ceramic Rod Drilling .


2. Ceramic rod slotting: slotting can be carried out according to the requirements of customers, including single-sided slotting and double-sided slotting;

3. Straightness processing of ceramic rod: straightness is closely related to the size of ceramic rod. The longer the ceramic rod is, the more prone it will be to bending. Generally, the straightness of ceramic rod with length of 100mm can be controlled at 0.1mm, and that of ceramic rod with length of 300mm can be controlled at 0.3mm;

4. polishing of ceramic rod: after the ceramic rod is sintered, the surface will appear very rough. The ceramic rod surface must be polished by centerless grinder and grinding equipment. The polished ceramic rod can achieve the effect of atomized mirror;

5. Ceramic rod chamfering: it can be divided into 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, etc. different angles of ceramic rod can be chamfered with grinding wheel;

6. excircle machining of ceramic rod: the excircle of ceramic rod usually needs excircle grinding, and its roundness can reach 0.002mm.

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