Ceramic Plunger Pump

Ceramic plunger pump is a commonly used drilling equipment. It has the advantages of high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient flow regulation. Therefore, it is widely used in occasions where high pressure, large flow and flow need to be regulated, such as hydraulic press, engineering machinery and ships.

Ceramic Metering Pump

Technical indexes of ceramic filling metering pump
1. Loading range: 0.2-50ml;
2. Service temperature: 10 ~ 40 ℃;
3. Filling accuracy standard: when the filling volume is less than 2ml, the upper and lower deviation shall not exceed ± 1%; When the filling volume is > 2ml, the upper and lower deviation shall not exceed ± 0.5%.

Ceramic Piston Pump

High Precision Ceramic Piston Pump  with Long Working Life
Material: alumina or zirconia
Features: corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and high pressure resistance; The surface of the pump body is mirror, with small friction and high hardness; Environmentally friendly ceramic materials, no powder precipitation, avoid medium pollution; There is no bubble in the process of liquid injection, the precision is high, and the liquid injection precision is controlled within ± 0.5%.

Ceramic Filling Pump

Ceramic Metering Pump we supply the below types :Two Piece Ceramic pump,Three Piece Ceramic pump, Groove Valve Ceramic Pump,Trace Filling pump
Two Piece Ceramic Pump :Minimum Filling Capacity : 0.5ml,Maximum filling accuracy: 1000ml,Filling accuracy : ≤0.5%,Three Piece Ceramic Pump

Ceramic Pump for Pharmacy

Characteristics of ceramic pump for pharmacy :
1. Using high purity alumina material ,  formed with cold isostatic pressing and sintered in high temperature , with high density . 
2. High dimension precision and assemble with metal part perfectly . 
3. High Strength , high hardness , excellent wearing resistance and corrosion resistance . 
4. Easy to clean and sterilization by acid or alkali.

Liquid Dispensing Ceramic Dosing Pump

Ceramic Dispensing Valves,   Liquid Dispensing Dosing Ceramic Valves are normally made of zirconia ceramic material and stainless steel .  It has the properties of high strength ,  corrossion resistance , abrasion resistant .  Liquid Dispending Dosing Ceramic Valve were made into very high precision tolerance and clearance as fine as 0.001mm .

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