Ceramic Metal Sealing

Application of Ceramic Metallization: Technical Methods of Ceramic Metal Sealing
In industrial processing and production, there are two connection modes between the cutting tool blade and the tool rod: welding type and machine clamp type. The connection between the blade and the arbor of the tool directly affects the service life of the tool.

Metallized Ceramic Ring

Metallized Ceramic Ring for Electronic Components
The metallized Ceramic rings are widely used in electronic components like compressors , sensors , transistors , automotive , overload protectors , marine and other appllications and so on . This

Cu Copper Coated 99 Alumina Ceramic Parts

We coat metal copper on the 99% alumina ceramic disc surface to make the ceramic part brazed with Stainless Steel flange ,  after braze the assembly worked as Antenna body on microwave device .  The copper coating thickness is around 30um .  The side wall and the chamfer were coated even , without any signs of oxidation .  The material of all parts are made of 99% alumina ceramic with water absorbtion no more than 0.05% .

High Voltage High Vacuum Feedthrough

High Voltage High Vacuum Feedthrough
3X Ceramic parts company helped customer developed high voltage high vacuum feedthrough with low leak rate less than 1x10E-10 MBAR LIT / SEC ( checked with helium leak detector ) , vacuum capability of 1x10E-1

Ceramic to Metal Brazing Tube Ring

Ceramic to Metal Brazing Tube are commonly used in the fields of high pressure , high voltage and high working temperature electronic industry or electrical parts .  Its main properties include gas air tight ,  high temperature resistance ,  acid and alklain resistance , chemical resistance and electrical insulating .

Ceramic to Metal Feedthrough

3X Ceramic Parts company specialized in developing and  producing  ceramic to metal hermetic feedthough that are used in the high operating temperature , high vacuum and harsh condition . It could meet customer the requirements of air tight seal , high working temperature resistance ,  electrical insualting , and some times under high pressure .  Air tight  hermetic seal protect from liquid , pressure ,  moisture, gas,  vacuum, corrosion resistance temperature.

Ceramic To Metal Assemblies

Due to the good performance of high-vacuum, high-voltage and high-pressure , ceramic to metal brazed components are widely used in electrical engineering , like microwave tube , semiconductor feedthrough and laser technology . 3X ceramic parts comp

Ceramic Metallization

Ceramic to metal sealing :
The realization of metal-ceramic structure depends first on the gas-tight connection between metal materials and ceramics, which is called sealing. Cermet sealing is developed on the basis of metal brazing technology, but

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