Metallized Ceramic Ring

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Alumina Ceramic
5 pcs
custom make
white glazed
Surface finish
Main Property
surface metallized
Shipping Way
by express
safety packing

Metallized Ceramic Ring for Electronic Components 

The metallized Ceramic rings are widely  used in electronic components  like compressors , sensors , transistors , automotive , overload protectors ,  marine and other appllications and so on . This ceramic ring  metallization thickness have good adherence and no chipping,  it with 4-7 microns electrolytic Ni plating.  The ceramic ring outside wall is white glazed so it is easy to clean .  The gas tighness we checked heremtic 10-9 cc/sec. The glaze pullback we make it 1.0/0.5  on both edges. Glaze thickness is  3 to 5 um, MoMn 13 to 20um, Ni plating 2.5 to 5um. 

The goods will be packed in vauume pp bag to avoid the metallization become oxidation .   This packing way could protect goods from getting wet and touching air , so it could keep long time . 

The drawing mdoel is as below : 

Metallized Ceramic Ring


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