Semiconductor Ceramic LED Silicon Carbide ICP Etching Disk

Silicon carbide tray for LED etching (SiC tray) φ 600mm is a special accessory for deep silicon etching (ICP etching machine)
Wafer carrier, also known as wafer carrier and silicon wafer carrier, is called pocket wafer in English. It is widely used in CVD and vacuum sputtering of semiconductors. We can provide customers with customized wafer carriers of silicon and silicon carbide materials to meet customers' different application needs.

Silicon Carbide SiC Cantilever Paddle

Silicon Carbide SiC Cantilever Paddle used in Automatic loading and handling in diffusion furnace
Silicon carbide cantilever Paddle is a key component of semiconductor wafer loading system. Silicon carbide cantilever paddle used in photovoltaic new energy industry, with main specifications of 2378 mm, 2550 mm, 2660 mm, etc

Silicon carbide cantilever propeller is mainly used in the (diffusion) coating process of polycrystalline silicon wafer or monocrystalline silicon wafer in diffusion furnace, and plays a role in the bearing and transportation of silicon wafer in high temperature environment (1000-1300 ℃).

Zirconia Ceramic Wafer Clamp for Semiconductor Industry

Zirconia ceramic wafer clamp is a kind of ceramic accessory commonly used in solar photovoltaic equipment, and it is also an important component applied in photovoltaic production equipment. The processing of ceramic top gear is very difficult, mainly because of material and structure.

Ceramic Focus Ring for Plasma Etch Equipment

When aluminum alloy is selected as the chamber material of the etcher, it is easy to cause metal particle pollution. Instead, a dense anodic aluminum oxide layer is coated on the aluminum alloy to improve the corrosion resistance of the chamber material through anodic oxidation. It is found in practice that the anodic aluminum oxide layer is prone to spalling.

Ceramic Slot Boat for Wafer Carrier

The slip free ceramic slot boat  vertical carriers or boats for holding semiconductor wafers during heat processing and is particularly concerned with a vertical carrier designed to effectively support large semiconductor wafers having nominal diameters equal to or greater than about 200 millimeters, preferably wafers having nominal diameters of about 300 millimeters or greater.

Zirconia Ceramic Long Tooth Rails for Wafer Handling

Zirconia Ceramic long tooth rails could also called as ceramic comb , ceramic gripper . It is made of zirconia ceramic material because this type of ceramic material are high temperature resistant , corrossion resistant and very wearable.  It is also very easy to clean and wash because of its smooth and density surface .

Semiconductor Ceramic Arm handling 4" 6" 8" wafer

This alumina ceramic arm is designed for handling 4", 6", 8" silicon wafer . Customer has requirements on the electrical conductivity  as follows : 
1. acceptance criteria:  1*10E4<R<1*10E9 Ω
2. reference acceptance scheme:  Friction the surface of spare parts and measure it with a surface electrostatic tester. The electrostatic pressure is less than 50V.

Semiconductor Alumina Ceramic Parts

Semiconductor Alumina Ceramic Parts used as semiconductor spare parts

Features: 1. arc accuracy is better than ±0.02mm;  2. the precision of all holes is up to ±0.01mm; 

Inspection equipment: automatic two - dimensional Checker

Zirconia Ceramic Wafer Carrier Support Plate

Ceramic Wafer Carrier Support Plate is made of zirconia ceramic material , this is because zirconia ceramic surface is more smooth after polished , its roughness could reach to below  Ra 0.1, so it is more easy to clean .  Also this material is chemical resistant , wearable last long time , high temperature resistant and with good strength .

Alumina Ceramic Robot Arm F Type

Alumina Ceramic Robot Arm CNC machined
The ceramic robot arm provided by our company is mainly divided into clamping type, bearing type and vacuum adsorption type. The sizes are 2 ", 4", 6 ", 8", 12 ", and non-standard sizes can be customized.

SiC Silicon Carbide Ceramic Wafer Boat

The Advantages of Using Ceramic wafer boat :
1.Very high Temperature Resistance to 3000 F ( 1650℃ )
2. Super corrosion resistance to  acids, solvents, salts, and organics, wear resistant  
3. Easy to clean
4. Strong impact resistance
5. Slip Free

Ceramic End Effector

Charactoristic of The Ceramic Arm / Ceramic End Effector :
high temperature resistance,
corrosion resistance,
wear resistance,
insulation and other properties.
It can be used in high temperature, vacuum and corrosive gas environment for a l

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