Zirconia Ceramic Wafer Clamp for Semiconductor Industry

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
zirconia ceramic
Forming Way
isostatic pressing
1 piece
custom make
1300-1365 Mpa
semiconductor ceramic
Main Property
anti slip
Max working temperature
1050 ℃
Thermal Shock Resistant
280-350 △T (℃)
Compressive Strength
2000 Mpa
Flexural Strength
252 Mpa
Shipping Way
air express

Zirconia Ceramic Wafer Clamp for Semiconductor Industry

Zirconia ceramic wafer clamp is a kind of ceramic accessory commonly used in solar photovoltaic equipment, and it is also an important component applied in photovoltaic production equipment. The processing of ceramic top gear is very difficult, mainly because of material and structure.

1. Material reason

Zirconia ceramics have the characteristics of high hardness, high brittleness and low fracture toughness, which makes ceramics prone to deformation, cracks, material powdering and so on in the processing process. The processing of zirconia ceramics with high hardness is very difficult, so that the processing cost of ceramic precision components accounts for 30% - 60% of the cost, and some even as high as 90%. Therefore, the precise, efficient and low-cost processing methods of ceramic materials are particularly important.

At present, the commonly used machining methods of zirconia ceramic top gear mainly include grinding machine and ceramic CNC machine tool, both of which need professional masters to complete. When machining, first use a grinder to cut the zirconia ceramic top tooth piece, and slowly grind the shape of the top tooth out. Finally, use a ceramic CNC machine tool to finish the hole machining.

2. Structural reasons

The structure of the ceramic top gear also makes it more difficult to process. The teeth in the ceramic top gear are used to clamp other parts in the equipment, but its "tooth gap" is particularly small, which requires a lot of machining accuracy of the grinder. It also depends on how the operator handles it. Generally, experienced operators can process the ceramic top gear.

3. Precautions for machining zirconia ceramic wafer clamp 

Attention should be paid to the accuracy between the teeth and the edge collapse when machining the zirconia ceramic top teeth. Generally, the tooth profile is processed by grinding machine first, and then the hole or thread on the top tooth is processed by ceramic special CNC machine tool. According to the size and number of tooth profiles, the processing time also varies greatly. Zirconia ceramic top teeth have low conductivity and high chemical stability. Therefore, these characteristics of ceramic materials must be considered in the subsequent processing of ceramic top teeth. Generally, electric machining or chemical etching ceramic finishing cannot be used.


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