Zirconia Ceramic Wafer Carrier Support Plate

Brand Name
3x ceramic parts
Material Type
zirconia ceramic
Forming Way
isostatic pressing
1 pcs
custom make
custom make
Surface finish
photovaltaic equipment
Main Property
chemical resistant
Max working temperature
1500 ℃
Compressive Strength
2200 Mpa
safety protective packing

Zirconia Ceramic Wafer Carrier Support Plate 

Ceramic Wafer Carrier Support Plate is made of zirconia ceramic material , this is because zirconia ceramic surface is more smooth after polished , its roughness could reach to below  Ra 0.1, so it is more easy to clean .  Also this material is chemical resistant , wearable last long time , high temperature resistant and with good strength .   

Zirconia ceramic wafer carrier support plate , ceramic suction sheet and ceramic side comb are all important accessories used in photovoltaic production equipment - rewinder. Hundreds of such ceramic components are often installed on a rewinder. Ceramic top teeth are generally made of zirconia, so many people also call it zirconia ceramic top teeth. The processing technology of this zirconia ceramic top gear is not complex, but the processing difficulty is relatively high. It can be completed only by a ceramic carving and milling machine and skilled operators. Zirconia ceramic top gear is an important part applied in photovoltaic production equipment, and its demand is relatively large. Usually, a photovoltaic equipment production line needs to use many of these products.

Although the machining principle of zirconia ceramic top gear is simple and the machining process is not complex, the machining difficulty is relatively high, so the requirements for the technical level of CNC machining machine tools and operators are also relatively high. It usually takes teachers with several years of experience to complete the processing of zirconia ceramic top gear products with great processing difficulty.

Because the ceramic top teeth are made of zirconia ceramic materials, they have high hardness and high processing difficulty. At present, the commonly used zirconia ceramic top gear processing methods mainly include: grinding machine and ceramic carving and milling machine. Both of these two machine tools need more professional masters to complete. Firstly, the zirconia ceramic top gear piece is cut with a grinder, and the shape of the top gear is slowly ground out. Finally, the hole is processed with a ceramic carving and milling machine.

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