Alumina Ceramic Robot Arm F Type

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
alumina ceramic
Forming Way
isostatic pressing
1 pcs
custom make
F type
Surface finish
photovaltaic equipment
Max working temperature
1750 ℃
Compressive Strength
Delivery Time
20 days around

Alumina Ceramic Robot Arm F Type CNC machined 

The ceramic robot arm  provided by our company is mainly divided into clamping type, bearing type and vacuum adsorption type. The sizes are 2 ", 4", 6 ", 8", 12 ", and non-standard sizes can be customized.

The F-type left and right vacuum ceramic arm are used on the photovaltaic equipment , a left and a right ceramic arm used in conjunction, their funtion is to handling the wafer by air suction and move it .  The hole and air slot on the plate was cnc machined , and the top plate and bottom plate combined together to make the vacuum inbetween to not leak air .  We do air leak inspection after goods made , letting the air go through the slot and test it . 

Material we used for this type is 99% alumina ceramic material . It is  electrical insulation, relatively low strength and fracture toughness, resistance to wear and corrosive, with good thermal stability, resistance to high temperatures , high electrical resistivity, good chemical stability, high corrosion resistance, a variety of specifications available, satisfy various technical request.

Our Machining Capability : 

Dimensional accuracy

Up to 0.01mm


Highest possible mirror


Up to 0.01mm


Up to 0.01mm

The inner hole tolerance

The minimum 0.01mm

Straight flute

The narrowest 0.1x100mm

The thickness of the size

Minimum to 0.2mm

The screw thread

Minimum internal thread M2


Up to 0.01mm

The linear tolerance

Up to 0.01mm

The smallest aperture

The minimum 0.07mm

Precision process

CNC maching,grinding,lapping

Surface finish

Glazed,polishing or metallized

Visual quality:
1. No cracks, no dark dots, no contamination and sharp edges;
2. Surface is mirror polished . 

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