SiC Silicon Carbide Ceramic Wafer Boat

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Silicon Carbide
1 piece
custom made
custom made
semiconductor wafer boat
Main Property
easy to clean
Delivery Time
30 days around
Shipping Way
by express
safety packing

Corrosion Resistant SiC Silicon Carbide Ceramic Wafer Boat 

The Advantages of Using Ceramic Wafer Boat :

1.Very high Temperature Resistance to 3000 F ( 1650℃

2. Super corrosion resistance to  acids, solvents, salts, and organics, wear resistant  

3. Easy to clean

4. Strong impact resistance

5. Slip Free

Different Models of ceramic wafer boat :

The semiconductor manufacturing industry typically processes these wafers in either horizontal or vertical carriers. The horizontal carrier, typically called a "boat", has three or four horizontally disposed bars arranged in a semicircle design, with each bar having inwardly facing grooves set therein at regular intervals. Each set of grooves define a vertical space for carrying a vertically disposed wafer. The vertical carrier, typically called a "vertical rack", has three or four vertically disposed rods (or posts) arranged in a semicircle design, with each post having slots set therein at regular intervals to define a space for supporting a horizontally disposed wafer. To insure the geometrical precision required in this field, the three or four rods are fixed to a top plate and a bottom plate. The portions of the post between each slot, termed "teeth", are identically spaced in order to support wafers at regular intervals from and parallel to the bottom plate. The entire rack is then placed within a vertical furnace for processing the wafers.

Because a wafer processed on a vertical rack experiences less of a temperature gradient over its face (as compared to a wafer processed in a horizontal boat), semiconductor manufacturers are increasingly turning to vertical furnaces. There is, however, a drawback to vertical furnacing. The wafers disposed on a conventional vertical rack are supported at their outside edge only. As such, the areas of the wafer resting on these teeth experience higher stress than the rest of the wafer. When temperatures in the furnace exceed about 1000°C, these stresses often become significant and portions of the single crystal wafer move relative to each other along crystallographic plates in response to that stress. This phenomenon, called "slip", effectively destroys the value of the semiconductor devices located in the area of the wafer where slip has occurred.

Ceramic Wafer Boat Sample Project : 

In May , 2018,  A  Denmark customer requesting us a horizontal boats for 6 inch ( φ150mm ) silicone wafer ,  thickness 675 um .  They want this part in 99% alumina ceramic .  We dont have the standard wafer boats for customer wafer size , but we custom made it . 

SiC Silicon Carbide Ceramic Wafer Boat

SiC Silicon Carbide Ceramic Wafer Boat   

Before this projects ,  we have made a 99% alumina horizontal wafer boat , it is for wafer diameter 75~80mm .

Horizontal  wafer boat made of 99% alumina ceramic

SiC Silicon Carbide Ceramic Wafer Boat

99% alumina ceramic Vertical wafer boat we have made

SiC Silicon Carbide Ceramic Wafer Boat

Zirconia wafer carrier to load silicone wafer 

SiC Silicon Carbide Ceramic Wafer Boat

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