Semiconductor Ceramic LED Silicon Carbide ICP Etching Disk

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Silicon Carbide
1 piece
custom make
2800 kg/mm2
3.12 gm/cc
Max working temperature
1550 ℃
Thermal Shock Resistant
230-260 °C
Compressive Strength
1800 Mpa
Flexural Strength
390 Mpa

Silicon carbide carrier disk, silicon carbide etching disk, ICP etching disk

Silicon carbide tray for LED etching (SiC tray) φ 600mm is a special accessory for deep silicon etching (ICP etching machine)

Wafer carrier, also known as wafer carrier and silicon wafer carrier, is called pocket wafer in English. It is widely used in CVD and vacuum sputtering of semiconductors. We can provide customers with customized wafer carriers of silicon and silicon carbide materials to meet customers' different application needs.

It can provide bearing plates with vacuum holes and various special-shaped inner grooves.

Silicon carbide ceramic products are made of high-purity ultra-fine silicon carbide powder and sintered at 2450 ℃ at high temperature. The silicon carbide content is more than 99.1%, and the product density is ≥ 3.10g/cm3, without metal impurities such as metal silicon.

► high temperature resistance - normal use at 1800 ℃;

► high thermal conductivity -- equivalent to the thermal conductivity of graphite materials;

► high hardness -- the hardness is second only to diamond and cubic boron nitride;

► corrosion resistance -- strong acid and alkali have no corrosion to it, and the corrosion resistance is better than tungsten carbide and alumina;

► light weight -- density 3.10g/cm3, close to aluminum,;

► no deformation -- extremely small coefficient of thermal expansion,

► thermal shock resistance - this material can withstand sharp temperature changes, thermal shock resistance, rapid cooling and heating resistance, and stable performance.


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