Ceramic To Metal Assemblies

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Alumina Ceramic
5 Piece
Surface finish
ceramic surface glazed or not
Microwave , or others
Main Property
well brazed, vacuum tight
Ceramic To Metal Connecting Way

Ceramic to Metal Brazed Components Applications:

Due to the good performance of  high-vacuum, high-voltage and high-pressure , ceramic to metal brazed components are widely used in electrical engineering , like microwave tube , semiconductor feedthrough and laser technology .  3X ceramic parts company manufacture a large range of metalized ceramic components where  high vacuum integrity and dielectrical properties are required.  . Our metallizing processes could be customized according to clients’ requirements.

Microwave tube;

Semiconductor High-pressure feedthrough;

High voltage accelerator;

High-voltage feedthrough;

Housing for X-ray image intensifier;

Sensors Technology ;

Kicker chamber;

Vacuum chamber;

Ceramic purity Selection:

Ceramic purity 99% alumina ceramic is  normally selected for its properties of high density for low water absorbtion , and with high dielectric constant , and stable change range dielectric constant .

Metal Material Selection:

Metals are generally selected based on their CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) value.  In general, the ceramic and metal being bonded should have CTE values which are as close as possible. However, the yield strength of almost any metal can be lowered by reducing its cross-sectional area; therefore, no metal should be discounted (for a ceramic to metal seal) based strictly on its CTE value.

Metals with a low elastic modulus and/or a low yield strength will generally result in less residual stress in the braze joint. Metals, with low CTE values, typically used when brazing to ceramic

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