Zirconia Ceramic Spacer for Heat Shield

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
zirconia ceramic
Forming Way
isostatic pressing
1 piece
custom make
Main Property
high strength , wearable
Machining Way
CNC machining
Max working temperature
1050 ℃
Thermal Shock Resistant
280-350 △ T ( °C )
Flexural Strength
2000 Mpa
Delivery Time
20 days around
Shipping Way
by air express
safety packing

Zirconia Ceramic Spacer Flange for Machining 

Ceramic spacers are a type of material that can be used as a heat shield. often used in applications where high temperatures are present. Ceramic spacers can be made from a variety of materials, such as alumina, zirconia, or magnesium oxide, has high thermal conductivity and is highly resistant to thermal shock. commonly used in high-temperature applications, such as in aerospace, power generation, and industrial processes.

The accuracy of the machining process is critical to the performance of the ceramic spacer as a heat shield. Any deviation from the desired shape or size can affect the performance of the spacer and reduce its effectiveness in protecting against heat.

 Zirconia ceramic parts spacer are highly sought after by the market and has the intention of replacing metals. Generally speaking, zirconia ceramic materials can only be processed by grinding due to their special physical and mechanical properties. With the development of machining technology, a variety of processes similar to metal processing can be used to process ceramic materials. So what are the

Main Processing Methods

  1. Mechanical processing:
  2. Abrasive processing: polishing, honing, grinding, abrasive belt processing, ultrasonic processing, viscoelastic flow processing, roller processing, shot peening.
  3. Plastic processing: Diamond plastic processing, diamond plastic grinding.
  4. Electrical machining: electronic spark machining, electron beam machining, plasma beam machining.
  5. compound processing: photolithography, ELID grinding, ultrasonic grinding.
  6. Chemical Processing: corrosion processing, chemical grinding processing.

Optical Processing:

1、 Machining:

The machining of zirconia ceramics is not only suitable for semi sintered ceramics, but also for fully sintered ceramics. The purpose of cutting semi sintered body ceramics is to reduce the machining allowance of fully sintered body ceramics as much as possible, so as to improve the machining efficiency and reduce the machining cost.

2、 Grinding and polishing:

Grinding and polishing is a kind of superfinishing method that uses free abrasive to remove the surface material to achieve the machining effect. In the superfinishing and finishing of ceramic materials, especially in the precision machining of ceramic balls for ceramic bearings, grinding and polishing have an irreplaceable position. The material removal rate of grinding and polishing has a great relationship with the toughness of the processed material. The higher the toughness, the lower the machining efficiency.

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