Diameter 6mm Zirconia Ceramic Motor Shaft

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
zirconia ceramic
Forming Way
isostatic pressing
5 pcs
φ6 x 34.5mm
6.00 g/cm3
Surface finish
on motor pump
Main Property
wear resistant
Machining Way
grinding and CNC machining
Max working temperature
1500 ℃
Compressive Strength
2200 Mpa
Delivery Time
15 days around

Diameter 6mm Zirconia Ceramic Motor Shaft 

Main characteristics of zirconia ceramic motor shaft :

Geometric accuracy: the geometric accuracy of zirconia ceramic shaft  mainly refers to the roundness and cylindricity of journal, outer cone, Morse taper hole, etc., and the general tolerance shall be limited to the dimensional tolerance. For the inner and outer circular surfaces with high accuracy requirements, the allowable deviation shall be marked on the drawing.

Dimensional accuracy: in order to determine the position of the shaft, zirconia ceramic shaft journal usually needs high dimensional accuracy (it5-it7). The dimensional accuracy of the assembled transmission part journal is generally low (it6-it9).

Mutual position accuracy: the position accuracy requirements of zirconia ceramic bearing parts are mainly determined by the position and function of zirconia ceramic shaft in the machine. Generally, the coaxiality requirements between the Journal of the assembly transmission part and the supporting journal shall be ensured, otherwise the transmission accuracy of the transmission part (gear, etc.) will be affected and noise will be generated. For ordinary precision zirconia ceramic shaft, the radial runout from the mating shaft section to the supporting journal is generally 0.01-0.03mm, and the high-precision shaft (such as main shaft) is usually 0.001-0.005mm.

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