Machined Zirconia Parts Ceramic Insulator Core

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
zirconia ceramic
Forming Way
isostatic pressing
3 pcs
custom make
78 R45N
electrical insulating
Compressive Strength
Flexural Strength
800 Mpa

Machined Zirconia Parts Ceramic Insulator Core

The zirconia ceramic insulator core was machined on CNC engraving for the holes , steps ,  grooves .  We could achieve machining tolerance as tight as ±0.001mm .  If the zirconia plate thickness is less than 2mm,  we could drill the holes on laser cutting machine  for those of multi holes zirconia substrate . 

Machined zirconia parts with the main features as below: 1. High Mechnical strength and fracture toughness at room temperature . 2. It has similar thermal expansion as that of metal .  3. Zirconia ceramic is very wearable resitance material .  4.  It is heat insulation . 

Depending on the types of its stablizing additives ,  zirconia ceramic can be categorized as Y - tabilied zirconia , Mg- Stabilized zirconia and Ce- Stabilized zirconia .  Zirconia usually has high mechnical strength and fracture toughness .   It aslo has good corrosion resistance . Mg-Stablilized zirconia still keeps good mechnical properties as higher temperature ( 600 ℃) .

The main features of the machined zirconia parts : 

1. Wear Resistant components .   2.  Tools and Molds .  3. Heat Insulation Material . 

Machined zirconia parts are widedly used in the fields of semiconductor field ,  like zirconia nozzles ,  zirconia fixture ,  zirconia filling pump ,  fluid control industry ,  new energy ,  biomedical ,  mechanical equipment  , zirconia plungers , etc .  

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