Black Zirconia Parts ZrO2 Ceramic Nozzle Ball Seat

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
zirconia ceramic
Forming Way
isostatic pressing
5 pieces
custom make
6.02 g/cm3
ceramic ball seat
Main Property
high precision
Machining Way
cnc machining
Compressive Strength
2200 Mpa
Shipping Way
by air express

Black Zirconia Parts ZrO2 Ceramic Nozzle Ball Seat

Advantages, functions and new development trends of ceramic suction nozzles

1. advantages of ceramic suction nozzle: Ceramic suction nozzle has the functions of insulation (non-conductive), magnetic insulation (anti-static function), wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The above functions are required for adsorption products when processing LED, SMT and SMD electronic products in automatic industry. Steel suction nozzle is widely replaced by ceramic suction nozzle.

2. function of ceramic nozzle: the ceramic nozzle often directly contacts and absorbs the granular products of electronic raw devices, and then the testing machine lights up the products or the probe tests various data of pin angle.

3. new development trend of ceramic suction nozzle: with the progress of the times, electronic products are becoming smaller and smaller, and the original electronic components of granular materials are changing little, concentrating and functionalizing. The ceramic nozzle is suitable for miniaturization, even leaving only a very small contact surface, so that it becomes a small ceramic cylinder or a block with holes and other particles adhered to the steel parts to adsorb the electronic products. However, it does not lose the function of the ceramic nozzle, which can firmly absorb the products, and it is durable, insulated and magnetically insulated. The testing machine lights up the above products or the probe tests various data of the pin angle.

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