Blue Zirconia Ceramic Welding Pin

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Blue zirconia
5 pcs
custom make or accroding to our drwaing
blue or white
Surface finish
polished high shine
welding machine
Main Property
wear resistant
Machining Way
centerless grinding and polishing
as customer requirements
Delivery Time
15 days around
Shipping Way
by express

 Blue Zirconia Ceramic Welding Pin 

Blue Zirconia Ceramic material is a type of common used material for ceramic welding pin as its good mechanical strength , wearable durabily with long service life.  Zirconia Ceramic pin surface can be polished with high shinny surface .  It is high temperature resistant and electrical insulation for welding location .  

Normally we also have alumina ceramic material ,  silicon nitride material ,   and zirconia ceramic material .  Zirconia ceramic price is more moderate and reasonable ,  its properties are also a good choice .  Although silicon nitride material can still be with high strength at more higher temperature ,  but its price is also higher . Even if alumina ceramic with cheap price ,  but its properties can not compare with silicone nitride and zirconia ceramic .  

Anyway ,  choosing which material finally depends on your application requests on the properties .  You will get what you paid for .   

Ceramic welding pin as a consumable items for automative welding industry , the main requests probably long working life ,  and you may request very fast lead time and small MOQ .  Our factory specialized in this product for many years , so we stored many different types of blank rod material , once customer send order ,  we just need to machining the diameter and length according to customer drawing . So we could gurantee very fast delivery for you for example in 7 days around once it is urgent need .  Also our small MOQ one item no matter you need 3 pcs , 5 pcs , we are able to make it . 

 If you have a custom drawing , please just send us , or if you not have , you can email us requesting our drawing  version to send you to confirm . 

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