Ceramic Welding Ring

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
silicon nitride
5 piece
custom make
HRA 90
Max working temperature
1200 ℃
Thermal Conductivity
15-20 W (m.k)
Thermal Shock Resistant
500 △ T ℃
Compressive Strength
2500 Mpa
Flexural Strength
>600 Mpa

Good Thermal Shock Resistant Silicon Nitride Welding Ring 

Silicon Nitride Welding ring are used on automative welding for car  manufacturers and suppliers .  The physical and chemical properties as well as extreme stress tolerance extend the possible range to applications in production engineering .  Thie lead to high speed and high circle life.  The silicon nitride welding ring solved the application problems :  hardness , wear resistance , thermal shock resistance , impact strength , high temperature resistance , and long service life . 

Properties sheet of Silicon Nitride material : 

Properties  Units  Silicone Nitride 
 Density   g / cm³ 3.23
Water absorption  % 0
Coefficient of thermal expansion                             10-6/K 3.2
Modulus of Elasticity Young's Mod                          GPa 300
Poisson's ratio   / 0.26
HV Hardness  HV MPa 1500
Flexural Strength @ room temperature               MPa 720
Flexural Strength @700°C                                            MPa 450
Compressive Strength @ room temperature MPa 2300
Fracture Toughness   MPa *m 1/2 6.2
Heat conductivity @ room temperature          W/ m*k  25
Electrical Resistivity @ room temperature   Ω*mm/m >1013
Max use temperature                                             °C 1050
Resistance to acid alkaline                                              / high
Dielectric Constant  / /
Dielectric  Strength  KV/mm /
Thermal Shock Resistance   T ( °C )  /
Tensile Strength @ 25 °C MPa  /


Application photo of silicon nitride welding ring : 

Ceramic Welding Ring




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