Silicon Nitride Ceramic Guide Pin

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Silicon Nitride
5 pieces
Max working temperature
1200 ℃
Thermal Conductivity
15~20 W/m.k
Compressive Strength
Flexural Strength
>600 Mpa

3X Ceramic Parts produce and stock silicon nitride ceramic pin: 

In order to ensure a short lead time,we stock many quantity standard silicon nitride ceramic pins.M4,M5,M6,M7,M8,M10,M12,M14,7/16 silicon nitride ceramic guide pin are always in stock.We also supply customized ceramic pin according to clients’ drawing.We supply various ceramic material to meet different clients’ requirements.Si3N4 silicon nitride ceramic pin,ZrO2 zirconia ceramic pin and Al2O3 aluminum oxide ceramic welding pin,ceramic coated pin and KCF guide pin.Our ceramic pins are widely used on TOYOTA,GM,VW,AUDI etc. world famous automotive manufacturer and auto sheet matel welding manufacturer.

Silicon Nitride Material Datasheet:

           Material      Datesheet 
Properties  Units  Silicone Nitride 
Mechanical   Density  gm/cc 3.2
Porosity % 0
Flexural Strength            Mpa 830
Compressive Strength  Mpa 2500
Elastic Modulus  Gpa 310
Poisson's Ratio   / 0.27
 Hardness   kg/mm2 1580
Fracture Toughness  KIC Mpa *m 1/2 6.1
Thermal  Heat Conductivity          W/ m*k  30
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion                             10-6/K 3.3
Specific Heat  j/kg*K /
Thermal Shock Resistance   °C  /
Max UseTemperature                                             °C 1400
Electrical  Dielectric  Strength  ac-kv/mm /
Dielectric Constant  / 8
Loss Tangent / /
Volume Resistivity  ohm•cm  >1014

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