Alumina Ceramic Insulator

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
95%,99% , 99.5%, 99.7%alumina ceramic ,
1 piece
Main Property
Electrical Insulating
Max working temperature

Alumina Ceramic Insulator  Description : 

Alumina is the most cost effective and widely used material in the family of engineering ceramics. The raw materials from which this high performance technical grade ceramic is made are readily available and reasonably priced, resulting in good value for the cost in fabricated alumina shapes. With an excellent combination of properties and an attractive price, it is no surprise that fine grain technical grade alumina has a very wide range of applications.

Alumina or aluminum oxide (Al2O3) in its various levels of purity is used more often than any other advanced ceramic material.  3X Ceramic offers a wide range of material types with different property profiles that can be adjusted via a targeted matrix design.

This material has very high hardness, very high stiffness, very good corrosion resistance to chemicals at high temperature, and very high refractoriness or use temperature.

The applications for alumina advanced ceramics are heavy-duty forming tools, substrates and resistor cores in the electronics industry, tiles for wear protection and ballistics, thread guides in textile engineering, seal and regulator discs for valves, heat-sinks for lighting systems, protection tubes in thermal processes or catalyst carriers for the chemicals industry.

Alumina Ceramic Insulator Key properties: 

  • Hard, wear-resistant
  • Excellent dielectric properties from DC to GHz frequencies
  • Resists strong acid and alkali attack at elevated temperatures
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Excellent size and shape capability
  • High strength and stiffness
  • Available in purity ranges from 94%, an easily metallizable composition, to 99.5% for the
  • Alumina Ceramic Typical Uses: 
  • Gas laser tubes
  • Wear pads
  • Seal rings
  • High temperature electrical insulators
  • High voltage insulators
  • Furnace liner tubes
  • Thread and wire guides
  • Electronic substrates
  • Ballistic armor
  • Abrasion resistant tube and elbow liners
  • Thermometry sensors
  • Laboratory instrument tubes and sample holders
  • Instrumentation parts for thermal property test machines

Various Alumina Ceramic Components we custom make : 

Alumina Ceramic Substrate/ Board / Sheet/ Wafer

Alumina Ceramic Plate / Block

Alumina Ceramic Sleeve / Bushing / Lining

Alumina Ceramic Tube Rod 

Alumina Ceramic Screw and Nuts

Alumina Ceramic Crucible

Alumina Ceramic Ring

Alumina Ceramic End Effector

Alumina Ceramic Piston Cylinder

Alumina Ceramic Insulator

Alumina Ceramic plunger

Alumina Ceramic Nozzle

Alumina Ceramic Piston / Plunger

Alumina Ceramic Ball

Material Datasheet of Alumina Ceramic : 

Properties  Units  95% Alumina 99% Alumina 99.5%  Alumina
Mechanical   Density  gm/cc 3.65 3.8 3.89
Porosity % 0 0 0
Flexural Strength            Mpa 345 375 379
Compressive Strength  Mpa 2100 2500 2600
Elastic Modulus  Gpa 300 350 375
Poisson's Ratio   / 0.21 0.22 0.22
 Hardness   kg/mm2 1100 1400 1440
Fracture Toughness  KIC Mpa *m 1/2 3.5 4 4
Thermal  Heat Conductivity          W/ m*k  25 30 35
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion                             10-6/K 8.2 8.2 8.4
Specific Heat  j/kg*K 880 880 880
Thermal Shock Resistance   °C  250 200 200
Max UseTemperature                                             °C 1700 1700 1750
Electrical  Dielectric  Strength  ac-kv/mm 8.3 8.7 8.7
Dielectric Constant  / 9 9.6 9.8
Loss Tangent / 0.0011 0.0002 0.0002
Volume Resistivity  ohm•cm  >1014 >1014 >1014

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