Alumina Ceramic Parts Precision Machining

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
99.5% alumina ceramic
Forming Way
Isostatic pressing
1 piece
custom make
3.92g /cm3
Main Property
high precision
Machining Way
cnc machined
Max working temperature
1750 ℃
safety packing

Alumina Ceramic Parts Precision Machining 

3X Ceramic Parts company specialized in alumina ceramic parts precision machining .  Alumina Ceramic material  is a white or beige ceramic, using its excellent electrical insulation. It has been applied to various electronic components in the early stage, and is the lowest cost material in precision ceramics. Our company supply 95%, 99%, 99.5%, 99.8%, 99.9% alumina ceramic precision machining service . 

(1) 95 alumina is widely used in electronic sealing and other industries by its good metallization performance.

②99 alumina with its better heat resistance, insulation, corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties, reasonable price, is widely used in structural parts and heat resistance, corrosion resistance parts.

The purity of 995 alumina and above is called high purity alumina products, high purity type of alumina has higher mechanical strength, excellent corrosion resistance, can produce large component products, in addition, because of its excellent plasma resistance is widely used in the semiconductor industry, such as CVD equipment, etching equipment and other parts.

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