Alumina Ceramic Plate

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
1 piece
square , round , oval or custom
Surface finish
Polished or not
High temperature Resistance
Machining Way
Flapping Machining
Max working temperature
1650 ℃
Alumina Ceramic Plate
Alumina Ceramic Plate Alumina Ceramic Plate Alumina Ceramic Plate Alumina Ceramic Plate Alumina Ceramic Plate

Properties of Alumina ceramic Plate:

The alumina ceramic plate is made of Al2O3 as the main raw material and rare metal as the flux through 1700 ° high temperature sintering. Through mold making, aluminum oxide powder batching, grinding, milling, pressing, sintering, grinding, inspection and packaging, the molding process of different products is different, and the general molding includes dry pressing molding and isostatic pressing molding. The prices of the products produced will be different according to the different production technologies.

Because of its high temperature resistance, high strength, good wear resistance, good insulation, corrosion resistance, chemical stability and other characteristics, aluminum oxide plate is widely used in the environment with high temperature resistance, insulation, heat insulation and other requirements.

Datesheet of 95% and 99%  Alumina ceramic plate properties : 

Color: White / Beige

Specification: according to the drawing or sample processing

Accuracy: ± 0.01mm, maximum ± 0.005mm

Density: 3.75-3.85 (g / cm3)

Hardness: Rockwell hardness hra89 (steel knife hardness HRC60) Mohs hardness is 9;         hv: 1500-1700

Elastic modulus: 380gpa

Bending strength: 300mpa

Compressive strength: 2500mpa

Melting point: 2550 ℃

High temperature resistance: 1600 ℃

Thermal conductivity: 39W / (m.k)

Linear expansion coefficient: 8.6x10-6 / ℃

Breakdown strength (insulation strength): 15kV / mm

Resistivity: 1015 / Ω. M

Regular Dimension of 95% and  99%  Alumina Ceramic Plate : 



       Width(mm )  

      Thickness(mm )


 Plain plate ( or with hole ) , can  custom make













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