Ceramic Piston Cylinder

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Alumina Ceramic or Zirconia Ceramic
1 Piece
Surface finish
Polished or not
Pharmaceutical , Pump
Main Property
Piston running smoothly in Cylinder

Ceramic Pump /  Ceramic Piston Cylinder widely used in below industry :

Pharmaceutical dosing machine / medical industry

Food and drink beverage industry

Cosmetic industry

Liquid filling machine

The clearance tolerance we could reach as fine as 0.002um .  But it depends on what kind of liquid is filled .  For some liquid which are very sticky , or thick , it does not require so high clearance tolerance  to let the pump moving smoothly .

Material selection and food safety grade :

We could use both zirconia or alumina ceramic for such kind of ceramic pump . Our both material are  food safety grade .  It has been widely used in medical and food drink industry .


The advantages of Ceramic Piston Cylinder : 

It has good self -lubricating , high precision and smooth operation without pump jamming . 

Good wear and corrossion resistance , no pollution medium ; 

No leakage , compact structure , tight and reliable shaft seal ; 

Long service life , conveninent installation and repair ; 

It is suitable for many domestic filling machines ; 

Continuous development of new products and innvovation of new ceramic  filling technology . 

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