Laser Scribing Drilling Aluminum Nitride Substrate

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Aluminum Nitride
Forming Way
slip casting
1 piece
custom make
Surface finish
0.3~0.7 um
Main Property
high heat conductivity
Thermal Conductivity
>170 W/(m・k)
Flexural Strength
> 400 Mpa
Delivery Time
20 days around
Shipping Way
by express

Laser Scribining Drilling  Aluminum Nitride Substrate 

Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate has very good thermal conductivity. It is one of the materials with good thermal conductivity in the field of thermal conductivity at present. It is used in hybrid integrated circuit interconnection substrates, microwave devices, optoelectronic communications, sensors, MCM, optoelectronic device substrates, ceramic carriers, laser carriers, chip capacitors, interdigital capacitors and spiral inductors. It can customize any specification and shape according to customer drawings, and can be cut, punched, scribed and laser processed.

AlN Ceramics have excellent thermal, electrical and mechanical properties. High thermal conductivity (7-10 times of alumina ceramics), low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, reliable insulation performance, excellent mechanical properties, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and similar to the thermal expansion coefficient of silicon. As a new generation of ceramic materials, it has attracted more and more attention.

AlN Ceramics are widely used in the fields of hybrid integrated circuit interconnect substrates, microwave devices, optoelectronic communications, sensors, MCM and so on. It includes optoelectronic device substrate, ceramic carrier, laser carrier, chip capacitor, chip power distributor, sensor, interdigital capacitor and spiral inductor.

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