Aluminum Nitride Tube

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Aluminum Nitride
5 Pieces
grey/ light grey / beige
Surface finish
Main Property
High thermal conductivity
Thermal Conductivity
165~185 W/m.k

Aluminum Nitride Tube Properties 

High thermal conductivity,(170-230W/mK), up to 9.5 times than that of Alumina
Similar coefficient of thermal expansion to that of silicon(Si)
Higher electric insulation, and Smaller dielectric constant
Higher mechanical strength (450MPa)
Superior corrosion resistance against molten metal
Very high purity, no toxicity

Aluminum Nitride Tube is stable in inert atmospheres at temperatures over 2000°C. It exhibits high thermal conductivity but is, uniquely, a strong dielectric. This unusual combination of properties makes AlN a critical advanced material for many future applications in optics,lighting, electronics and renewable energy.

Aluminum Nitride Material Datasheet: 

                                                                 Material      Datesheet 
Properties  Units  ASD-II ASD-III
  Color  - gray/ beige   
  Microstructure  -    
  Surface Roughness ( Ra )  um     
Mechanical   Density  gm/cc 3.34 3.12
Porosity % 0 0
Flexural Strength            Mpa >350 390
Compressive Strength  Mpa 2100 1800
Elastic Modulus  Gpa >330 440
Poisson's Ratio   / 0.24 0.17
 Hardness   kg/mm2 1100 2800
Fracture Toughness  KIC Mpa *m 1/2 2.6 3.9
Thermal  Heat Conductivity          W/ m*k  170-180 120
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion                             10-6/K 4.5 3
Specific Heat  j/kg*K 740 /
Thermal Shock Resistance   °C  / 230-260
Max UseTemperature                                             °C / 1550
Electrical  Dielectric  Strength  ac-kv/mm 42-44.53 /
Dielectric Constant  / 10.1-10.6 9.66~10.03
Loss Tangent / 0.0003 /
Volume Resistivity  ohm•cm  >1014 10²-10⁶

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