AIN Aluminum Nitride Wafer

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Aluminum Nitride
5 pieces
grey / light grey / beige
Surface finish
Main Property
High Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Conductivity
165~185 W/m.k

Aluminum Nitride Substrate Application : 

With the development of electronic components towards volume reduction, performance improvement and environmental protection and energy saving, highly dense and high power, high frequency High-energy electronic components in high-heat environments have a heat dissipation flux of more than 100 W/cm2, such as LED street lamps, MOSFETs, Components such as IGBTs and lasers have become key technical projects for the development of related industries. Due to dense arrangement and long time work . The heat energy generated by the method is limited if it is not properly excluded in the heat dissipation space of the package.

Performance and life are reduced. Moreover, due to the accumulation of high temperature thermal stress between materials, it is bound to derive the reliability of components, and it is urgent to be excellent.

The thermal package design is eliminated with high thermal conductivity materials.

Our products have passed ISO9001, SGS product certification, in line with EU ROHS environmental protection standards;  Specifications and non-standard shaped ceramic parts, can be die-cut, laser drilling to map processing, short delivery,

LED package, high power power electronics module, RF RF/microwave communication, microelectronic semiconductor,Automotive electronics and other industries

Non-standard products can be designed and produced according to customer requirements.

Aluminum Nitride Substrate Main application areas: LED solid-state lighting, photovoltaic cells (inverter), wind energy generators (inverter) and new energy vehicles (inverter).

Aluminum Nitride Substrate has excellent heat conduction ability, high flatness, good flatness, can meet the process requirements of thick film process, but also can adapt to the process requirements of thin film process.

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